How to record WhatsApp call on Android and iPhone

Most people use WhatsApp for calling as it is highly reliable in comparison to normal phone calls which produce call drops several times. These call drops can be frustrating. So, using reliable WhatsApp calls is a better option. You might want to record your WhatsApp calls for various reasons. Maybe you are a journalist and you need to record every conversation you have on calls as evidence. You could be a student studying in a distance-learning program and would want to record calls for the purpose of referring to them later when you are revising the course. However, you must note that recording calls can be illegal in some regions. So, it is best to adhere to the legal aspects of call recording. It is also a good practice to ask for the consent of the person you are calling to record the call.

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Using the Voice Recorder app

Most Android smartphones have a voice recorder app pre-installed in them. In case you do not have a Voice Recorder app on your Android phone, you can just go to the Google Play Store and install one. There are a lot of free voice recorder apps available on the Google Play Store. After you have the voice recorder app on your smartphone, you are all set to record a WhatsApp call on your Android smartphone. To record:

  1. First, open the WhatsApp app.
  2. Go to the calls tab.
  3. Now, you will see a call button in the bottom-right area of the app screen. Tap it.
  4. A list of your contacts will open up.
  5. Choose the contact you want to call or choose the ‘new group call’ option to make a group call.
  6. Make the call to the selected contact(s).
  7. Ask for the consent of your contact(s) to record the call.
  8. Put the call on loudspeaker.
  9. Now, go to the home screen of your smartphone and open the voice recorder app.
  10. Tap the record button here to start the recording of the call.
  11. After the call is finished, stop the recording.

Even though this method will work on most Android phones, it is not the best method to record WhatsApp calls. This is because the call is being recorded using the loudspeaker which would seriously limit the quality of the recorded audio. Also, the call needs to be made in a quiet atmosphere otherwise you may not be able to record most of the call due to the surrounding noise.

Using the Cube Call Recorder app

This method will work without the use of loudspeakers and hence provide a better audio quality in the recorded call. However, you must keep in mind that this method works only for those Android devices which support the VoIP (i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol) feature. The list of devices that support this feature can be found on the Cube Call Recorder app’s description page on the Google Play Store. Go through these steps to record a WhatsApp call using this app:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download and install the Cube Call Recorder app.
  2. Now, open this app and set up the initial settings and permissions of the app.
  3. Make a call on WhatsApp.
  4. While you are in the call, you should see a widget in the shape of a mic on your screen. This means that your call is being recorded.
  5. If you somehow do not see this widget, then from the Cube Call Recorder app, tap on the mic icon.

For iPhone users

There are a lot of privacy limitations on the iPhone because of which you cannot record WhatsApp calls directly. However, some workarounds do exist using which you can record WhatsApp calls on iPhone too. Here is one of those workarounds. You can use another smartphone, which can be an Android or iPhone, which has a voice recorder app installed on it. Using this other smartphone, you can record the WhatsApp call on your iPhone with the WhatsApp call in the loudspeaker mode. You need to use two smartphones because you will not be able to use a voice recorder app to record a WhatsApp call on the iPhone from which you are calling simultaneously. This is because third-party apps cannot access both the phone app and the smartphone mic simultaneously.

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