How to record TeamViewer session

There are two ways that you can record your TeamViewer sessions. There is an option to do it automatically, anytime the session starts the recording will start as well, or manually where you have to turn the recording on by hand. And, in this article, we are going to be showing you both ways. So, stay tuned and keep reading this article in order to find out how to do it.

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Steps to recording sessions in TeamViewer manually

  • Open up TeamViewer on your device, log into your account, and connect to another device right away. Of course, you must have the TeamViewer app installed on that other device as well, or you will not be able to continue.
  • When the connection has been established, look at the top of the TeamViewer window, and find the Files & Extras section there. When you do spot it, click on it in order to expand some options.
  • Some options will show up on your screen in the form of a small drop-down toolbar. Among those options, click on the Start session recording. The recording is going to start right away. And all of the things that you do in the TeamViewer app now are going to be recorded, and you are able to review them later.

And that is it that is how you start a recording on TeamViewer. But, what if you want to stop recording that session and save that video? Well, do not worry we are here to help you with that as well.

  • Once you have pressed that Start session recording button, three options should have shown under the top toolbar of the app. You should be able to see how long is that recording, you are able to pause the recording or stop and save it. If you just want to pause the recording session for some time, simply click on the Pause button. You will be able to see that the Pause button has been turned into a Play button as soon as you have pressed it. Well, when you want to start the recording session again, you will just need to click on that button. And if you want to end the session and save it, you can click on that third option there. The video session is going to be saved right away. And you might need to convert it later. There is a chance that a window will show up asking you to choose a destination of the recording. If that is the case, go through your files and find a place for it.

Steps to turning the recording anytime the session starts, automatically

  • The first thing that you will need to do is to open up the TeamViewer software on your device.
  • Once the app has opened on your screen, you should be able to see different tabs at the top of that window. Find the Extras tab that should be the second tab there, and click on it in order to expand a drop-down menu.
  • In that drop-down menu, find the Options section and click on that section in order to expand the Options.
  • When Options open up on your screen, in the left sidebar of that window you should be able to see different options and sections. Find the Remote control section and click on it in order to open up the Remote Control tab in that same window.
  • Under the Remote control defaults section in that window, check the Auto record remote control sessions box in order to turn that automatic recording feature.
  • After you are done, simply press the Ok button at the end of that window in order to save your changes so that you do not have to do them once again.