How to Record a video on Mac with QuickTime

A screenshot from our iOS device or Mac screen is sometimes needed for particular purposes or information. Recording a screen is usually used by someone to convey comprehensive information, such as a tutorial, or to record the video currently playing. We will discuss how to record a screen or video on Mac with Quicktime.

Quicktime is a video player on Mac OS X operating system. It can also record a video or sound from a particular input resource detected on Quicktime. For instance, you can record a voice from your Mac microphone or a video where the input source of that video is the iSight camera on Mac. The other feature from Quicktime allows you to record a screen for an entire or specific area.

How to record a screen or video on Mac with Quicktime

  • Launch QuickTime Player. It’s located in your Applications folder, which you can access quickly via Spotlight by pressing the command button+space bar, then type a word: Quicktime. You can also find it on Launchpad in Another folder by default. Mac gives many ways to open an application.
  • On the menu bar, click the File menu, then select New Screen Recording
  • In the small window of the screen recording, click the small arrow to ensure the input for sound has been chosen. This example is Built-in Microphone: Internal Microphone.

How to Record a Screen or video on a Mac with Quicktime

  • Click the red dot in the middle of the screen recording window.

How to Record a Screen or video on a Mac with Quicktime

  • Determine the dimensions of the recording. Click to begin recording, and the whole screen will be seen, or click and drag to select which part of the screen you wish to record. Note: the larger the piece, the more disk space the recording will require. When you’re ready to begin recording, press the Start Recording button in the middle of the selected recording area if you made the selection part of the screen area.

How to Record a Screen or video on a Mac with Quicktime

  • Finish recording. When you’re done with your screen capture, press the stop button on the menu bar.

  • After that, the video of the screen that you’ve recorded will automatically appear on the Quicktime player.
  • You can trim the video by accessing the trim feature at the menu bar, Edit >> Trim. Select and drag the yellow barrier. Then click Trim when it’s done.

how to record a screen or video on Mac with Quicktime.

  • The next step is to save the video. Access the menu at the Menu bar, File >> Save and choose a place or folder to save this file.

These steps are simple, and it’s an application you don’t have to install because it’s already available in OS X: Quicktime.

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