How to read iBooks on PC

iBooks is a great reading app that allows you to listen to, read, and buy books. It even has a collection of some free ones. I mean, we’re all looking for ways to pass the time now. Even when you download an ePub file, it shows up on iBooks, making for easier and more accessible reading. As great as it is, iBooks is only compatible with Apple devices. But there’s also a way to access it via PC! The following steps will show you the software that can help you do this.

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Reading iBooks with Data Transferring Software

Using Data Transferring Software is probably the best way to do this. It will save you time and effort, and the best part… you can do it with only one click! There is much software to choose from, but I find the most popular ones are ApowerMirror and EaseUS MobiMover.


This software is best if you prefer screen-mirroring your iBooks to your PC rather than transferring the data. And it’s completely free. To use it:

  1. Go to ApowerMirror and click the “Download now” button at the bottom of your screen. Wait for the software to download.
  2. Once it does, double-click on it and confirm the installation. Please wait for it to install completing before opening.
  3. Now, connect your Apple device to ApowerMirror using AirPlay. Make sure your Wi-Fi is working correctly, so you don’t run into any issues.
  4. You should see your Apple screen reflected onto your PC. Go to the iBooks app and choose the book you want to read.

EaseUS MobiMover

Unlike the previous software, this one allows you to share and transfer files/ data from any Android or iOS device to your PC. It’s a lot thorough and completely free too! To use it:

  1. Visit EaseUS MobiMover and click the blue “Free Download” for either Mac or Windows, depending on your device.
  2. Wait for it to install, then launch the software. Connect the Apple device to your PC via the USB cable.
  3. Your device should show up at the top left of the EaseUs window. Towards the right, click “Transfer to Computer” from one of the four options.
  4. You will see all the Apple apps show up on the next screen. Make sure to choose iBooks and click “Transfer” at the bottom edge of the pop-up window.
  5. Once the transfer is completed, click “View” at the same edge to view your downloaded files. Enjoy your reading!

If you choose to use ApowerMirror, then you will see the same screen reflected from the Apple device to your PC screen. You will view iBooks in the same format with its text options, reading modes, etc. You will control what you see on your PC screen. However, if you use EaseUS MobiMover, you will only be able to view the ePub files themselves, sans the iBooks format.

You’re probably wondering: “If the files are in ePub format, why can’t I just transfer my files directly to a USB or hard drive and plug that into my PC?” The answer lies in Apple’s policies. Apple protects all of its books with digital rights management software (DRM). It forbids you from downloading any of your iBooks unless you remove that DRM. There are methods to do that, of course, but it’s a long road to walk on. It’s better to use software such as ApowerMirror or EaseUS MobiMover to do the hard work for you. It’s much faster too.