How to quote on Discord

Many Discord users are not impressed that the app does not provide the quote feature that is equally simple to use like on some other apps. Discord was designed with gamers in mind, so this does not come as a surprise.  However, there is a way to quote on Discord, and we are going to show you the steps.

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How to quote on Discord using block quotes

You can quote other users on Discord using block quotes.

There is a difference between a single-line quote and a multi-line quote.

You will go for the first one when you want to quote the text that takes only one line. You will have to add > then space, and then you need to copy/paste the message you want to quote. Below that message, add your reply, and you are done.

The second option, a multi-line quote, is something you will use when you want to quote the text with multiple lines. Add >>> at the beginning, space, and then copy/paste the text. Finally, add your reply.


It may not be an ideal solution, but you can still achieve what you want. Follow the steps we have listed here, and try to quote some on Discord.