How to promote your podcast on TikTok

You could say that this is being said exaggeratingly, but TikTok has many people wrapped around its little finger. From the Hawaiian corner to the people in Wellington, New Zealand, TikTok has gained immense popularity. This should not be a surprise to anyone, seeing that it offers great video-editing features. Albeit being barely five years old, 800 million people have already been recorded using it.

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Podcasts and TikTok

Since there are many users on TikTok, it is a good place to promote anything including podcasts.

A podcast, simply, is entertainment for the ear.

The following are some of the ways on how to promote your podcast on TikTok:

  1. Using the ‘Sounds’ option
  2. Creating a promotional video
  3. Advertisements (Ads)

Using the ‘Sounds’ option

Sounds or spins are unique to TikTok. Whenever a video is created, one can use an already existing sound or use their own (recorded by their phone’s microphone).

When you start to view a TikTok video, the TikTok (or a CD) icon will start to spin just above the ‘Me’ button. When you tap on it, a screen will be open to show you the title of the sound and the videos in which it has been used. It will also show a red button that says ‘Use this sound’.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Record a 15 – 60 seconds audio of your podcast. Make sure that it is funny and captivating or otherwise, no one will pay attention. Also, make sure that it is of high quality and there is little or no noise interference.
  2. Save it in your local storage with a name that you will easily recognize it with.
  3. Open the TikTok app and make sure that you are logged in.
  4. Tap on the ‘+’ button to start recording a video.
  5. Tap on the ‘Sounds’ button. The ‘Sounds’ screen will be showed and will display two tabs, ‘Discover’ and ‘Favorites’, plus a bunch of trending songs.
  6. On the top-right corner, tap on the ‘My Sound’ button. You will be directed to a screen where the audio files in your local storage will be displayed.
  7. Navigate to the 15 – 60 seconds recording of your podcast and tap on it. You will now be redirected to the video-recording screen.
  8. You can now use your audio to create content and share it with your audience.

Creating a promotional video

Different TikTok users are using short videos to promote their content. You can also go this way with your podcast.

Mostly, a promotional video uses trending hashtags or challenges.

Take up any of the challenges and do them and label them with trending hashtags.

Challenges often get a lot of attention, so you can be sure that you will get someone to view yours.

At the end of the challenge, you can add text that reads like this ‘Listen to my podcast, link in bio’.

If they appreciate your participation in the challenge, they will definitely swipe right to your profile, read your bio and click the link or copy and paste it to their browser.

This way, you get to direct traffic to your podcast.

Advertisements (Ads)

Since your podcast is a kind of business, you can use TikTok’s creation that allows people to build ads for their businesses.

With between $50 and $500, you can build a ‘Campaign’, an ‘Ad Group’ than an ‘Ad’. TikTok will guide you properly and after you make this happen, your podcast’s ad will be displayed for people to watch. A link will be provided at the end of the ad for them to go and visit your podcast’s webpage.


The three mentioned ways will surely get your podcast promoted on TikTok and grow your listeners’ base.