How to Promote a Song on TikTok

You can promote a song on TikTok in a very big way if you know how to. TikTok is a fantastic platform for producing viral content. If you want, you can make your song go viral on TikTok. However, it will help you to know some basic tricks as to how to promote a song on TikTok in a way that it reaches a very big audience. Apart from the tricks described here, you can also try experimenting ways on how to reach an even bigger audience. Creativity is appreciated on TikTok and it depends on your imagination how you produce the content so that it is interesting and entertaining to more and more TikTok users.

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There are two ways you can use the power of hashtags on TikTok. One way is to use trending hashtags to reach a bigger audience for your song. Trending hashtags are those hashtags that a lot of people are using to create content on TikTok or a lot of people are viewing the content made with those hashtags. The other way is to create your own unique hashtag(s) for your song to make it popular and make its own unique image on TikTok using various challenges/collaborations with this hashtag. The uniqueness of your hashtag could also strengthen your brand image in the mind of the TikTok users.


There are a lot of influencers on TikTok. Influencers are TikTok users who create content consistently and have a large following. You can collaborate with these TikTok influencers and ask them to promote your song by producing content based on your song. In return, you could give them some incentives like certain cash rewards in proportion to the number of audiences reached for your song. Some ways in which you can collaborate with them are:

  • Post a video on TikTok in which the influencer lip-syncs with your song in the background.
  • Perform duets with the influencer on your original song video.
  • Make some dance videos with the influencer with your song as the background.


Promoting your song through challenges on TikTok has the potential to reach a very large audience in a short time period. You can provide prizes to top creators in the challenge to give incentive to the TikTok users to participate in the challenge. Also, you should collaborate with some influencers to participate in the challenge too. This has the potential to attract the fanbase of that particular influencer to participate in the challenge as well. While creating a challenge, you can be creative and develop the challenge around some concept in which maximum types of TikTok users will like to participate. An example is making a challenge in which you ask people to create the video, using your hashtag and song background, in which they are making a social impact like doing something for the society in which they live in.

Community support

If you already have a fanbase of followers on any other social media platform, then you can post the above TikTok challenges on those social media platforms as well to make even more people participate in the challenges. This would make the song reach an even bigger audience.

Also, you can create some behind-the-scene videos for the production of the song which you can post on TikTok to make your followers feel like they are also a part of the journey of the production of the song. This could make them share your song with other users and hence this strategy will go a long way in promoting your song.