How to post on Blackboard

The Blackboard is a sort of application that is made for help during studying, learning and that also provides the possibilities to share the knowledge. The Blackboard allows attending a course face to face with the teacher or having courses together with your classmates.

You can also ask a question on this app and look for the answers and help in interactions with the other students or teachers. So, how to post on Blackboard? Here is an explanation, so stay tuned.

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About discussion

The blackboard app allows you to start the discussion on a specific topic, where the other users can help you and share their knowledge or experience. You can create your board of discussions and have as many forums as you have the topics to discuss. Also, besides forums, you can create the threads and post inside them.

Threads are sort of individual questions or subjects, that you are working on and have some unclearness that you want to resolve with your teacher or other users of Blackboard. When it comes to the posts, they represent the individual answers and stand for itself, besides the forums and threads. When you pose a question, if someone knows the answer, he can post it in your thread so you can discuss it. To start the discussion, you can create and set up the discussion board first.

Start discussion

So, to manage the discussion board, head to the Blackboard course menu, and click on the Discussion heading in the menu called Course. Now, click on the heading Create Forum Link. When you have clicked on this option, you will see that you need to enter the name of the link, and set the options from the list you see.

Setting the options is according to your needs and wishes, so choose those you want and then proceed to the Submit button. To adjust your discussion board, you can go to the Tools section, select your Discussion Board and decide if you want it to be where all the other forums are.

About forums

To create a forum, it means to organize the topics on your Discussion Board in a nicer way. So, under the Discussion board, you can create a forum by clicking the button called Create Forum. Now, you should determine the forum’s name and describe it in the section for those activities you will notice on your screen.

You will notice also the list of options to manage the forum, so check those that fit your needs and then hit the button Submit to have the forum created.

About Threads

With Threads, you will be able to organize the discussions by specific questions under your discussion board. So, choose the board you want to manage, and then find the forum that thread will be added to. Then, proceed to the button Create Thread and now you are about to post a message in the text section.

The other students can discuss the topic in the Thread, and each of you can reply to someone’s message or just to the original topic of the thread. Replying can be done just by hitting the Replay button that comes in the green color so you can easily recognize it.

While writing replays students can also post the documents, as well as the person who created a forum.


In basic, the post is very easy to submit on the Blackboard app. To say it most simply, if you follow these couple of steps, you will easily learn how you can post on the Blackboard. Sign in, and open the main menu placed on the left side of your screen.

Find the Discussion heading and then choose the Discussion Board you will see on the list. Click on the button Create Thread, and write the message subject. Then type the reply in the text box, and click on the Submit. Your post will be shown on the list of posts for a specific topic.