How to post a YouTube video on Instagram

YouTube is very popular and attracts billions of hours viewing every day whereas Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. So, if you post videos on YouTube, one of the great ways is to promote it on Instagram which gets thousands of new users every day. You can share a clip as a post or a story to let your audience know about your new video and then attach it with a link to the video. If you have been on YouTube for a long time but just started an Instagram account, you can create a mash-up to show the audience what type of content you offer. Creating a video just for Instagram can be an extra hassle for you if mainly work on YouTube and even sharing a video from latter to former isn’t an easy task but here’s how you can work around and do it.

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Using Tube 2 Gram

With no direct feature yet to share the video from YouTube to Instagram, there are some sites available which help you do it and one of the easiest one to use is this. This site makes a direct connection between these two apps and is fast. To do this, first, you have to copy the URL and then select the section you want to post on Instagram. After that, download it and save it on your computer. Share it on your mobile device and post it on Instagram as a post or a story.

Downloading and conversion

If you want to share the video but don’t want to use any site to do it or want it to be more personalized, you can use this method which involves three steps. These steps will be listed below in order and detailed to help you complete your task.

First – Downloading

The first step obviously id downloading the video so you can clip or edit it. You can either download the video on your personal computer or your Android/iOS device. For downloading the video on your computer, you can use any one of the number of websites available for this purpose. After you have chosen this, just paste the URL and click on download. Keep in mind to select the MP4 file format before you download otherwise the file won’t be compatible to post on Instagram.

For getting the video on your mobile, there are two ways; either you can connect it to your computer via USB cable and transfer it or directly download the video on it. To download the video on your iPhone is not a simple task and involves several steps. The first is to get an app called Documents 6 and then open the app, get the link of the video you want, and paste it there. After you finish downloading the file, pull up the file, and get it to the photos option in the list of folders. Downloading a video on an Android device is relatively easier. You just have to download an app to do it and the video will be on your device.

Second – Editing and converting

Before you post a video on Instagram, you have to ensure the file is in the compatible format. You can shorten the video and if you want to edit it, you can use any video- editing app. The video can be up to 1080 pixels and the ratio can be either 1:1 or 4:5.

Third – Uploading the video

This is the final and by far the simplest step. Go to the app and select the video from your gallery and from here on, it will just like any other thing you upload on Instagram. Then, you can add filters, caption, location, hashtags and it will be ready to be on your feed.