How to pin, mute and unmute Google Meet participants

Google meet is the online video conferencing service, previously known as Google Hangouts, that allows you to organize your video conference or attend virtual meetings with up to 30 members minimum. It gives you all the in-built features to facilitate your meeting smoothly. As a meeting organizer, you have control over various features like pinning, muting, or unmuting your meeting participants. Here’s how to pin, mute and unmute Google Meet participants to have better control over your video conference.

Let’s get started.

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How to pin someone on Google Meet

When you’re in the meeting conference on Google meet, you can see that there are two options in the top right corner of your meeting screen. You might want to pin someone so that person can be the highlight of your meeting conference. Let’s break it down in simple easy steps to learn how you can pin your participants.

Step 1: On the top right-hand corner of your screen, there are few options. Click on the figureheads’ “People” icon, showing you the number of participants present.

Step 2: Under the meeting details tab, you can see all your online participants. Click on a participant’s thumbnail picture, and tap the “Pin” icon to pin a participant.

Step 3: To Un-pin a participant, click on the participant’s thumbnail picture to remove the pinned participant in the meeting.

And that’s how you pin someone on Google Meet Conference. It’s important to know that when you pin someone, only you can see them on the screen. They won’t be notified of it.

How to mute and unmute someone on Google Meet

While you’re presenting something important during a conference meeting, you’d prefer a peaceful environment. But it’s not always the case since some participants’ noisy background could interrupt you during the conference. You can, however, control who you want to mute or unmute. Here’s how to do so.

Step 1: On the right top corner of your meeting screen, click the “People” icon to view your all participants.

Step 2: Click on the thumbnail image or name of the participant you want to mute.

Step 3: Under the participant’s name, three options with icons will appear, you’d like to tap on the “Microphone” icon to mute a participant.

Step 4: Lastly, you might get a prompt dialog box giving you warning that after you’ve muted the person, they’ll be muted for everyone. They can, however, unmute themselves. To confirm your action, click “Mute.”

To unmute a participant, you’d want to again click on the participant’s thumbnail and click on “Microphone” to unmute them.

And that’s it!

How to mute or unmute yourself on Google Meet

If you’re attending an important meeting on Google meet, then it’s extremely important to have a nice and peaceful environment. Sometimes, however, it isn’t possible because of the constant annoying background interruptions. In that case, it’s better to turn off your microphone. Here’s how to do it on the PC and phone.

(Muting and unmuting on your PC)

Step 1: On your Google meet screen, hover your cursor over the bottom of the screen to pop-up a menu bar.

Step 2: A strip of a menu bar with three icons in the middle will now appear on your screen. Click the “microphone” icon to turn it off. Once you click it, the microphone icon will be displayed as a crossed red microphone.

Tip: You can use a keyboard shortcut (ctrl+D) to mute and unmute your microphone during the meeting.

(Muting and unmuting on your Phone)

To turn off your microphone on your phone, navigate to the bottom of your screen. Tap “microphone” to mute it during the meeting.

Tip: Phone participants can press *6 on their dial pad to mute and unmute themselves during the meeting.

And that’s how you can smoothly customize your virtual meetings, without any noisy disruptions!

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