How to pin a chat on Snapchat

These days, chatting apps became an important part of our lives. As technology develops, so do the phones and apps. There are many apps available online, made especially for chatting. The others include many other possibilities, besides the chatting, which is now considered to be a basic app feature.

One of those apps is Snapchat. There are many options related to chatting, and pinning a chat is one of them. So, how to pin a chat on Snapchat?

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What does it mean to pin a chat?

If you are using different apps to chat often, you must have noticed the option called Pin a chat. If you are not familiar with it and don’t know what it means, here is an explanation. To pin a chat means to mark it, so it is always shown on the top of the list with conversations. Using this option allows you to divide some specific chat from the others, and make it easily accessible.

You don’t have to scroll down through the chat list to find that specific one, and it can save you time. Many people who use chatting apps for their work, use this feature constantly and are very happy with it.

Pin chat on Snapchat

If you are a Snapchat user, you must have been familiar with this option. But if you haven’t used it, or don’t know how-to, we are going to give you some information. As the Snapchat is a chatting app, the moderators inserted an option for pinning a chat. This means that in the list of your conversations, you can set the specific chat to be always on the top of your chat list, no matter if you haven’t heard from this person a long time ago. The last one you have chat with will be listed below the pinned chat.

You can pin chat on Snapchat if you have an iPhone as well as if you have an Android smartphone. Snapchat allows you to pin three conversations, so if you need to pin another one, you will have to unpin first someone whose conversation was pinned previously.

Steps to follow to pin a chat on Snapchat

Open the app on your phone, and click on the button Chat placed in your lower-left corner of the screen. You will have opened a list of friends on Snapchat. Now, look for the specific contact whose chat you want to pin.

Now, when you have found it, press on the name and hold until the menu pops out. Then look for the heading More and when it is opened, choose the option Pin conversation. You will have the chat pinned and it will be always shown on the top of the list.

You can pin a chat on Snapchat in another way. To do so, look for the profile of a person whose chat you want to pin. When it opens, go to the main menu on its profile. In case you don’t know, you are looking for three dots in a row, placed in the top right corner of the device’s screen. When you open it, you will notice option Pin conversation. Click on it, and you will have your pin at the top of the conversations list.

Unpin chat on Snapchat

When you don’t need to have pinned chat anymore, you can unpin it. The procedure is almost the same, just selecting the final option is different. So, just long-press on the pinned chat and you will have menu opened. Find the heading More and tap on it.

Now, you will see the option called Unpin conversation. Click on it, and the conversation will no longer be on the top of the chat list.