How to pin a chat in WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides you many options for easier communication, and here is another one. the application allows you to pin the chat to have easier access to certain chats. This option is very useful when you need fast access to some conversations. Using this option, you can separate a couple of chats from the others.

Many people use the pin option to have all the important chats on the top of the list with conversations. How to pin a chat in WhatsApp? We have gathered some information about the pin option in this article, so stay tuned.

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How to pin a chat in WhatsApp

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Tips about the pin option

You can pin up to three messages coming out of three friends. It is a slightly different procedure to pin a message on Android smartphones and the iPhone. If you haven’t installed WhatsApp yet, but you like this option and find it useful, you can download and install it for free from the Play Store on Android or Apple store on iPhone. As the WhatsApp allows you to chat in groups with many other people, you can pin the messages in the group conversation as well.

Pin messages on Android

To pin a chat on Android smartphones, you should know a couple of things. You can pin up to three group or individual chats that you consider as the most important. This allows you easier access to those conversations.

To pin a chat, you need to press and hold it and then click on the pin icon on the top of the screen. When you have pinned the conversation, in the right corner will be shown a little mark. WhatsApp allows you to easily pin and unpin conversation as well. So, when you unpin it, the mark will disappear. Besides this option, by long hold on the chat, you can mute or archive the conversation.

Pin chat on iPhone

To pin a chat on the iPhone, here is what you need to do. When you open WhatsApp, go to the list of conversations. Next, you need to slide over the conversation you want to pin. Slide over it going from left to the right side of the screen. You will see the pin option and option to mark the message as an unread. Click on the pin option. Now, you will have your chat pinned at the top of the conversation list and will also notice a little pin mark in the right corner of the frame for a certain chat.

You can pin up to the three conversations on the iPhone, the same as on the Android smartphone. To unpin conversation, the procedure is the same. Press and slide over the conversation. When an icon appears on the left side, just click on the unpin. That is it.

Pin the message in the group chat

When you have a group on WhatsApp, or you are an admin of it, you probably need a way to approach all of your members. So, when you write a certain message, hold on it a bit longer and then click on the pin option. This way all of the members in your group will see the message when they get to the conversation space.

The pin feature is important when you have a lot of members and want all of them to see some important information, group rules, or anything else you think your members should read. This option allows you to have all your members read the message at least once.

Group chats include many other features such as searching through the messages without reading all the written content, inviting by the link, search for people in the group, search for documents and shared links, and many others.