How To Perform Soft Reset And Hard Reset On Nokia Lumia 920

When buying a new phone, we all have pretty high expectations. Once we choose the phone with a design we prefer, and the specs that is perfect for our needs, we want the phone run smoothly all the time. Most of the time it will. It will work like a charm and you won’t have any issues. But, at some point, especially after several months or even years of usage, some issues may appear. Apps can freeze and crash, the screen may become frozen, the phone can restart itself, and so on. All these problems bother smartphone users all around the globe, including those who have Nokia Lumia 920. Even though this device works pretty well knowing how to perform soft reset and hard reset on Nokia Lumia 920 comes as handy because your device may become unresponsive, or it may reboot randomly. We are going to show you how to soft reset and hard reset your Lumia.

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How to perform soft reset and hard reset on Nokia Lumia 920


How to perform soft reset on Nokia Lumia 920

Performing soft reset is a really simple thing to do and can be really useful in some situations, especially when your device becomes completely unresponsive. All you need to do is to press the Power button and the Volume down key at the same time and hold the buttons for about 10 seconds. Your Nokia Lumia will vibrate and the booting screen will appear.


How to perform hard reset on Nokia Lumia 920

When you have issues with your phone, you can perform a factory reset, by going to Settings > About > Reset your phone, and you should backup your files first.

But, what to do if this option is not possible because your device is completely unresponsive, you cannot access “Reset your phone” option and the device is not reacting to soft reset? The only option you have is to perform the hard reset using the hardware buttons.

Same as soft reset, this is also pretty simple. Press and hold the Power button, Volume down key and the camera button all at the same time, and once the phone vibrates, let go of the Power button but keep holding the camera button and Volume down key. Release these buttons after five seconds.

Perform hard reset only if your Nokia Lumia 920 is completely unresponsive and soft reset is not working.


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