How to optimize battery usage on Honor 20

Honor 20 is a powerful phone with a great display, specs, and breathtaking design. So, if you just purchased this one or planning to do so, you won’t regret it that’s for sure. One of the most important things on every smartphone is the battery. This one comes with a 3650 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery, so you can expect to last a good amount of time between chargings. There is always a way to make things even better, just by tweaking some settings. Here, we are going to show you how to optimize battery usage on Honor 20.

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How to optimize battery usage on Honor 20

If you want to improve the battery life on your device, you can adjust some settings, such as brightness, display, notifications, and more. But, a great place to start is by going to Settings > Battery.

First of all, you can learn more about the power consumption. Just click on Power consumption details. There, you will have two sections, Hardware and Software. You will see the usage since the last full charge, and also the hours and minutes remaining. If you tap on Software, you will see the top 5 battery using apps. You can see the same details by going to Battery usage.

By clicking on the App launch option, you get the chance to manage how apps launch and run on your smartphone. If you decide to make some changes here, you can improve the battery life for sure. There is an option “Manage all automatically”. If that option is enabled, you can go through the list of apps and turn the switch next to each app on and off. But, you can also turn off the option Manage all automatically. We suggest you do this if you want to save battery life.

In the Battery section, you will see Performance mode. This isn’t the option you should enable if you want to save the battery life. Once enabled, all the settings on your phone will be optimized in a way to deliver the best possible performance. As a result, the battery level will drop fast. Plus, the phone may heat up.

You will also notice two power-saving modes. One is Power saving mode. If you turn it on, it will limit the background app activity, system sounds, and it will also reduce visual effects. That way, the battery will last longer. If you enable another mode called Ultra Power saving mode, only a few apps will be available.

If you tap on Optimise battery usage, the phone will do a quick scan, and it will suggest you optimize a few things in order to get more battery life. Consider the things offered, and make changes if you like. Once done, tap Finish.