How to mute a contact on Snapchat

We are all familiar with the block option and option called Delete contact on social media apps. But, when someone of use gets disturbed by a user we don’t want to delete or block, and don’t want him or her to know that we want to avoid contacting this person for some reason, we can mute them.

So, Snapchat has inserted the Mute option into its application, and this way, you can avoid annoying users without them knowing. How to mute a contact on Snapchat? Here are some solutions, in the following.

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The Mute option is different on the Snapchat

So, the moderators of Snapchat have inserted two options related to the muting contact. In basic, it is the option, as in any other app, that keeps you from getting messages from a specific person and prevents you see a person’s stories while you are going through the other shared stories.

Regardless of this option on Snapchat, it has been divided into muting the stories and muting the message notifications, while the other apps have differently organized this feature. So, to mute a story coming from a specific user, you should turn on the Mute option. And to mute contact and not get notified when you get the message from him, you are supposed to turn on the Do not disturb option.

Mute a story on Snapchat

When you mute a story on Snapchat, it results in not showing it at the top of the stories, and to see if you have to find it and click on it manually. Also, this will keep a user on your friend list, although you have muted his or her stories. The best part is that the user will have no clue that you set his stories on mute. It is effortless to mute contact on Snapchat.

To start, open the profile of a contact you want to mute. Next, open the menu placed in the upper corner on the right side. If you don’t know, the menu is marked as three dots. Tap on it, and look for the Mute Story option. Select it, and then press the Done button. Your contact’s stories are now set to the mute, and you will not be able to see the stories that this specific user is sharing.

Mute a message on Snapchat

To mute a message coming from a specific contact or a group, you need to turn on the option called Do not disturb. Turning it on, you will stop receiving notifications about the messages that a specific person has sent to you, and your contact will not know anything about it. This way, you are allowed to avoid the sender’s annoying messages.

Here is a procedure on how to turn on this option. First, you should head to the friends list and find the specific person whose messages disturb you. Then, press on the contact and hold until you get the new screen opened. You will see the Settings option there, so click on it.

Now, on the list of options, you will notice the Do not disturb option as well. Click on it, and you will not receive notifications anymore. The message will still be there in your inbox, but you will not get notified.

To check if this works, again open the contact and hold, so the menu opens. Go to the Settings and see if the heading turns on notifications written on the button instead of the Do not disturb. If so, the option is turned on, and you will be free from getting notifications.