How to Move Music To SD Card On Samsung SCH-S738C

The  Samsung SCH-S738C also known as Samsung  Galaxy Centura comes with 4GB internal storage.By default, apps, movies, files and music are stored on the Samsung Galaxy Centura internal memory.Transferring your music to Your Schs738c SD Card is pretty easy.Follow these steps to Move Music To SD Card On  Samsung SCH-S738C.

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How to  Move Music To SD Card On  Samsung SCH-S738C

Method 1

In this method, we will move music to SD Card On  Samsung SCH-S738C  via computer.

Connect Your  Samsung SCH-S738C phone to the PC, with the SD card inserted.

To save your music, videos or any other application to Samsung SCH-S738C  mount(install) the SD card prior to use

To mount the SD card. Navigate to

System Settings > Storage

Tap Mount SD Card

Your Computer should recognize your  Samsung SCH-S738C phone, if not, download and install USB Drivers


Verify that SD card is properly connected to the computer and mounted.

Verifying the SCH-S738C, navigate to

System > Developer option > Uncheck the checkmark if checked

When you have done all those steps, you will then navigate to  My computer, you will see two removable storage- Card and Phone

Move Music To SD Card On  Samsung SCH-S738C  by dragging your music from Phone To Card

How to Move Music To SD Card On Samsung SCH-S738C

How to  Move Music To SD Card On  Samsung SCH-S738C

Method 2

In this method, we will use Google Apps to Move Music To SD Card On  Samsung SCH-S738C.

Top Google Apps to Transfer/Move files to  Samsung Galaxy Centura

Downloading these Apps on your phone to simply Move to files from your Phone to Your SD Card.

1 ASTRO File Manager

Does it all Multiple local storage, shared storage, cloud storage, public and private, exposed and hidden… it does it all

2 ES File Explorer File Manager

Must have android app I have been using this app since Android Eclairs and this is still the best. No app has able to replace. This is here to stay for long.

3 File Manager Samsung SCH-S738C

Good enough to be stock! Simple, attractive, and effective. Only thing I’d ask for is a paid/Pro version to remove ads. Make it happen!

4 OI File Manager

Does what it should, and open source So nice to see an ad free file manager, that does exactly what I expect. Having it be true open source as well just makes my day.

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