How to master reset OnePlus 7

If you are planning to sell your OnePlus 7 or if you are experiencing some issues and want to delete just about everything from your phone and restore the settings to factory defaults, master reset is the answer. It will do just that – it will delete all your personal files and data, including your photos and videos, ringtones, etc. In addition, it will restore all the settings back to out of the box factory defaults. Not sure how to do that? Keep reading. Here, we will share the steps on how to master reset OnePlus 7.

There are two methods to do it – from the settings menu and using the physical buttons.

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Master reset: From the settings menu

If you don’t want to lose your files, create a backup first. When you are done, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap System > Reset options
  • Now tap Erase all data
  • Tap Reset phone
  • If required, enter your password or your PIN
  • Tap Next
  • Finally, tap Erase everything

Your phone will reboot and it will start resetting to factory defaults.

Master reset: Using physical buttons

This method is quite useful when the menu on your phone is unresponsive or frozen. Here is how you can master reset your OnePlus 7 using the buttons:

  • Press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button at the same time
  • After a while, you will see the OnePlus logo and then release the Power button but still hold the Volume down button
  • When required, enter your password or PIN
  • Tap Ok
  • Now tap English
  • Choose Wipe data and cache and then tap Reset everything
  • Tap This can not be undone, continue?
  • Finally, tap Reboot to restart your phone.

When all is completed, your device will get a fresh start. You will have to set up your phone as a new device and you’ll have to adjust the settings and all the other things all over again.