How to manage the speed dial appearance in the Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi browser is a pretty cool option for everyone that is looking for a change in the browsing department. If you have been using one and the same browser for some time, things can get boring, and if that’s the case, you can try something different. If you want a browser with many options and features, Vivaldi could be a great choice. It comes with a speed dial that allows you to access your favorite websites with just a click, and it allows you to change the appearance of speed dial. If that’s something you want to do but you are not sure what steps to take, keep reading. Here, we are going to show you how to manage the speed dial appearance in the Vivaldi browser.

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How to manage the speed dial appearance in the Vivaldi browser

When you download the browser, the speed dial appearance set by default might not be interesting to you. But, you can change it and here is how to do that:

  • Open the browser on your PC
  • Click on the gear icon located in the bottom-left part of the browser
  • In Settings click Start page
  • At the bottom, there is a “Speed dial” section

  • You can change the appearance of speed dial, choose maximum columns number, speed dial thumbnail size, enable or disable Delete button and thumbnail control buttons, etc.

You should go through the offered options and set them the way it suits you. There are many things that are waiting for you to adjust them and we can’t say do this or do that. It is a matter of personal taste, so we are leaving that to you.

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