How to manage subtitles on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a streaming service offering a collection of classics and animated movies by Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic. Like any entertainment and media streaming service, Disney Plus also provides the option for switching on the subtitles with the content you are watching. Subtitles enhance the watching experience as you don’t miss any part of the dialogue and are more intrigued. They are also helpful for people who have difficulty hearing. Disney Plus is accessible at a wide variety of devices and you can manage the subtitles on them by following the procedure mentioned below.

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On the web browser

To do this on your browser, go to and select the ‘Menu’ icon on the top-right of the screen. Then go to ‘Language’ settings to manage your subtitles. Subtitles can also be customized by going to the settings and selecting your favored font and format.

On Amazon Fire TV

For managing subtitles on your amazon fire TV, first of all, play the media you wish to stream. Then go to the ‘Menu’ button using the remote or the Fire TV app, select ‘Subtitles and Audio’. Under the ‘Subtitles and Captions’ section, choose on. To turn off the subtitles, go to the subtitles you are using in the ‘Subtitles and Audio’ section and switch them off. You also have the option to customize according to your preferences.

On Roku

To change the subtitle settings on Roku, thumb the ‘*’ button your remote which will display the ‘Options’ menu on the left side and choose ‘Closed Captioning’ and use the arrows to select your desired option from on, off, always on and on replay.

On Android

Open the Disney Plus app on your Android device and start playing the content you want to watch, select the ‘Subtitle’ button on the upper right of the screen and then choose the languages of the subtitles as per your preference. This will start showing the subtitles on the screen. To turn off the subtitles, click the subtitles button and select off.

On iPhone and iPad

On your iPhone, open the Disney Plus app and start watching your movie, while doing this, tap on the subtitles button on your screen and select the language for your subtitles.

On the LG TV

Press the ‘Home’ button your TV remote and in the upper right, select the cog icon and the settings screen will appear. From here, go to ‘Accessibility’ and then click on ‘Subtitle’. In the ‘subtitle’ section, choose ‘On’.

On the Apple TV

To manage subtitles on your Apple TV, go to the menu from your remote and click on ‘Subtitles’ and then pick your preferred language or switch them off.

On your PlayStation

To turn the subtitles on your PlayStation 4, go to the ‘Accessibility’ section in the settings and click on ‘Closed Captions’, turn on the captions and switch off the options that say,’ Show Closed Captions as Specified by Content’.

On Google Chromecast

As your show is streaming, move the mouse over the screen and a ‘Menu’ icon would appear. On rolling over this icon, your chosen settings will appear, you can change the language or turn them off from here. Then select ‘OK’ or choose ‘X’ to continue watching.

On Xbox One

Press the ‘Down’ button on your controller while you are watching a movie, which will pop-up the ‘Dialogue’ icon and you have to select it. The settings you already set-up will appear, you can update them or click on ‘OFF’ under the ‘Subtitles’ section.

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