How to manage a Slack channel

Slack is an application in which you can join your work team in online discussions and projects. The app is straightforward to use, and in this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about Slack channels.

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Basic information about the channels

One of the first pieces of information about the Slack channels is that there are private and public channels. In other words, public channels are visible to everyone, and on the other hand, private isn’t. Private channels are for members invited to join them, so not everyone in your team can see the messages on that channel. You will be able to see the list of all the channels that you are a member of on the left side of your Slack app. Of course, if you are currently not participating in a discussion, you can go to the channel and read back all of the old messages that you maybe have missed. Channels work like a simple group chat. It is a group chat. You just cannot make calls. You can only type messages there.

How to organize your channels

If you want to separate the people of your team into more channels and more discussions so that one channel does not get overbooked, you can do that. By dividing people and topics into more channels, you will get a more organized group of coworkers. It is a more efficient and better way to lead and discuss specific topics about your work. If you want to make a new private channel perhaps, make one and send an invitation to the people that you think will do that particular work best. For example, if your firm decides whether or not to design a new company logo, create a new channel where the people from design should be the members. Get as comfortable as you can, and make sure that you make a channel dashboard that is easy to use, efficient, and will give you the best result in future discussions and work-related dilemmas.

If you perhaps have different projects in your company, it would be a lot helpful for your coworkers to start the name of that channel with the work project and then continue with the name of that project. It would for sure help them and make the job easier for them.

If you want to focus on your work

As you probably know, the #general channel is a channel that everyone can see. But, if you are sometimes bothered by the constant messages and notification rings on your phone, and you want to focus on your work, mute the channels, or better yet, turn on the Do not disturb mode on your account. This will block all messages from the channels for a certain amount of time or until you decide to turn the notifications on again. It will let you focus more on your work, especially if there is some kind of an important project currently active.

If you want to relax your coworkers and show how your firm is friendly

There is nothing better than chatting with your coworkers in your free time and joking around. Make a new channel just for those kinds of conversations, so your coworkers could relax and chill after all the hard work that they have just done! Make that channel informal and just a place for a casual discussion between work and their free time. They will for sure appreciate it!