How to make stickers pack on Telegram

Telegram is, as you know, a messaging app. You are able to chat with other people, call them, and have video chats with them. You only need to have a table connection in order to do so! The app was launched back in 2013 and since then its popularity has grown so much through the years. Telegram is an app that tends to make its users happy. And they are always finding ways to do so. Recently, they have added a feature that lets users create stickers packs in their app. Yes, you are able to make your own stickers pack. And, no, you do not have to have any kind of special account on Telegram in order to do so you can make your stickers right now! And it is a super easy and fast process. So, be creative and let your imagination flow so you could make some really cool stickers that you and your friends are going to like.

In this article, we will be teaching you how you can make your own sticker packs on Telegram. So stay tuned and keep reading this article to find out how to do it.

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Steps to creating your own sticker pack on Telegram

Before we start, here are some sticker requirements that you must provide before you start making them. The stickers must be PNG images. PNG images are the ones that have transparent backgrounds. The sticker pack should contain at least 10-20 stickers. Also, the dimensions of them should be 512×512 pixels.

  • To create your own stickers, you can use any kind of app or program outside of the Telegram app. There is a sea full of those apps in the App Store or at the Google Play Store. You can also use a program like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop if you prefer working on a computer. It is going to be way easier to upload and create stickers on your PC than on your phone. But here are some apps that you can use on your phone in order to create a sticker, PicsArt, Canva, SickerMaker and etc. Each one of these apps is going to be very easy to use, so just let your imagination and creativity flow.

Note: If you are using some kind of quotes from songs, movies, or TV shows while making your stickers, have in mind that they might get deleted due to copyright. Of course, they will not get deleted if you have permission from the author.

  • Once you have made your stickers you will have to find the bot on Telegram that will upload your stickers. To do so, go to the Search bar in the Telegram app and search for stickers.
  • When the search results show up, open the first chat that pops up there.
  • In that new chat type in the /newpack command in order to make a whole new pack, or /addsticker to add a new sticker to a pack that already exists.
  • Find the Start button and click on it so that the setup process could start.
  • While you are in the bot chat, type in the /newpack command. You will be then asked to give a name to your new sticker pack.
  • Then, upload the stickers from your device and when you are finished with that type the /publish command.
  • And finally, you will have to send a bot the name for the URL of the stickers. After that, you are finished.

If you cannot find the bot

If you are perhaps not able to find the bot in the search bar, you can find it by following this link here: