How to make IGTV video

In this article, we are going to be showing you a way to make and edit the IGTV video that you have already recorded on your phone. But, before we start, we would like to give you some tips and some more information about this.

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Some tips before we start with the steps

The steps for creating an IGTV on your Android phone or on your iPhone are kind of similar. So, you will basically be able to follow these steps on any kind of device that you might be using. We will be using some third-party apps outside of Instagram to edit the IHTV video and make it look more professional and perfect.

Before we start, please have in mind that your IGTV video is going to be taken down from Instagram if you violate some of the copyright rules. Instagram is really strict about that. So, if you wish to use some music in your IGTV video, you can find it by Googling some songs that do not have any kind of copyright.

Now, let’s begin by presenting you with some applications for editing.


The first thing that you need to do, is to obviously record any kind of video (that will soon become an IGTV video) on your phone. And this app, the InShot app, is going to help you edit that video. So, you are basically able to add multiple videos and edit them all together in this app. Also, you have the ability to upload music, add some filters, stickers, frames, or even transitions. This app has a great, and a very user-friendly display, which makes it easy to use. All of the options in it are precisely named and explained. Basically, you can let your imagination flow and make a very creative video using this app. When you are finished with the editing, you are able to choose the quality of the video that you have just made, and save it. And oh, have we mentioned that this app is totally free and that is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store? Well, it is, and you do not even have to make any kind of account in order to use it, you just download it and you are ready to go.

The PowerDirector 

This application is kind of more advanced than the one that we have been disusing about in the previous paragraph. It has way more different features than the InShot. You are even able to edit a green screen there, which is really advanced. And you know what is also really awesome about this app? Well, it is totally free. Yup, you have read that right, totally free, and also available for both Android and iPhone device users, which is really great too.

Let’s talk more about what this app can do. Well, first of all, it has a pretty good display, and even the person who does not how to edit anything can use this app. You have the ability to add music to your videos, or you can even do a voiceover if you, perhaps, want to upload some kind of a music cover to your IGTV channel. Of course, this app could use some more improvements. For example, users constantly ask them for more transitions and animations, because what they have there is pretty much limited.

We hope that you will be able to use this PowerDirector app, or InShot while making your new IGTV video. And also, we know that it Is going to be an awesome video.

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