How to make captivating Instagram videos

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Instagram engages more and more users daily, giving you a platform to showcase your work. Visuals catch the eye of the audience before written captions, and if images and videos posted pop out, they can drive more traffic to your feed. Video sharing on Instagram is becoming popular due to its market appeal. A well-planned and executed video can go a long way in pacing the momentum of your business. To ensure this venture is a success, you must keep in mind the pointers mentioned below. This will help you make captivating videos and share them to gain more fans.

Be clear

The first thing to remember before making a video is what you want to show and the emotion behind it. The goal of the video should be clear in your mind. It tends to confuse the audience if it is confusing or has unrelated content. The video shouldn’t look cluttered or all over the place. Even if it’s a video not meant to campaign for a product or has a powerful motive, don’t try to put in a lot of random stuff. One video should focus on one objective only.

Grab instant attention

People keep scrolling if the post doesn’t capture their attention, so try to make the first videos interesting so that the users are on the hook for the complete video. You can also take a step further and engage the users at the end of the video by asking them to comment on their views or mention people who will find it relatable. You can also write a caption that makes users more interested in the video. You can also put in subtitles. If your video tells a story, it is given more attention.

Good lighting

Whether it is images or videos, good lighting plays a major role and enhances your content. The best light is natural, so try to film where you get direct sunlight, like big windows. If there is no way to get direct light, make sure to film in a well-lit room and block the unwanted sources which create a disturbance.

Filming equipment

You can use any filming device you can access, like a DSLR, vlogging camera, or even a phone. Most phones come with the capability to film videos, and you can always download apps to edit them right in one place. Filming on your phone allows you to upload the content directly rather than transferring it from another place. You can invest in a mic to get a good quality sound video and a tripod to give your best while filming. Filming without a tripod can work but isn’t certainly the best choice.

Editing the video

While shooting, you can try any number of angles and create a huge amount of footage, but during editing, you will put it all as you like and create something that represents you the best. You can use filters to add music to this step. Just make sure the way you present the story isn’t too clumsy.

Extra footage

Users find it interesting to look at the bloopers, which makes them more hooked as you share what goes on behind the camera and the effort put into making a video. You can also create a trailer before you post the complete video to keep the audience updated on what is coming next. You can present it with your views in the caption and what it represents.

Uploading the video

The video that has to be uploaded should be the right size and quality. Also, while uploading, use hashtags to get more traffic driven to your feed.

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