How to make a phone call on Microsoft Teams

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In this article, we are going to be explaining and teaching you how to make phone calls in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a platform where you are able to communicate with your coworkers, students, or your buddies. It is a great platform for schools that must hold classes online, or for companies who have to have their conferences and meetings online. You are able to save a bunch of your time working this way in Teams, and also, all of the information about the projects, and basically everything you need will be located in one place. So, without further ado, here is how to make your own phone calls in Teams.

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Steps to making phone calls in Microsoft Teams

  • First, you are going to have to open up the Microsoft Teams app on your computer, or any other device. And, of course, log into your account and access the team.
  • When the app loads you will be able to see the left sidebar with many different options separated into sections. Among those options find the Call section of the app and click on it in order to expand it.
  • Now, the first things that you should be able to see on that window are your contacts and a huge keypad. If you want to dial a new number that you do not have saved to your contacts yet, head over to the keypad and type that phone number there. This keypad works just like a normal one on your phone. So, after typing that number, dial it by clicking on the phone icon at the end of it. And, if you already have that person’s number in your contacts, just go through your contact until you find them and then click on the Call button that is located right next to their name. The call will be sent right away.

If somebody has previously called you, they are now located in your Calls History, to access it, click on the History button located somewhere in the top right corner of your screen. You will be able to see who called you, and you are able to call them back by clicking on the Phone logo right under their name.

How to access your voicemail in Microsoft Teams?

The voicemail feature is very much useful. If you, perhaps, did not hear your phone ringing, or you could not get to answer it on time, the person who is calling you on Teams is able to leave you a message. And here is how you can access your voicemails in Microsoft Teams, and also, we will be explaining to you how to call them back after you have listened to their voicemail. This is a super easy process!

  • When you have the Teams app opened on your screen, look for the Voicemail option in the left sidebar of your screen. Click on it to expand it.
  • A new window should open up on your screen. If you have any voicemails, that is where they are going to be. To listen to someone, press the Play button right next to it and the playback is going to start immediately.

And if you want to call back that person right away from that voicemail tab, you can do that.

  • Next to that voicemail that you have just listened to, a three-dotted button should be located. By clicking on that you are going to expand a More options menu.
  • In that menu, find the Callback option and click on it. You are going to start the call with that person that has left you a voice mail right away.
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