How to log out of Google Drive

Google Drive is one great platform that is really easy to use. You can use it on your phone, or on your computer. If you for some reason want to log out or remove the account from Google Drive, we are going to show you how in this article. Keep reading it and following these steps down below.

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If you are using Google Drive on your computer:

  • Go to your browser, Google Chrome browser is preferable.
  • Search for Google Drive in Google’s search bar, or open it by clicking on Google’s apps (the nine dotted logo that is somewhere in the corner of your screen).
  • Once you have opened and accessed Google Drive, you should click on your photo that should be in the top right corner of your computer screen.
  • When you click on your photo, you are going to see an option at the bottom of that small pop-up bar, the Sign out option. When you click on it you will no longer be logged in to your Google Drive account, but you also won’t be logged in to your Gmail account as well.

If you are using Google Drive on your Android or iPhone:

To be able to Log Out of your account from Google Drive, you must remove it, there is not an option to just simply log out of your account. By removing it, you just will not be able to use that account on your phone until you log in and sync it again.

We are assuming that you already have the Google Drive app installed on your phone since you obviously want to learn how you can log out from that account. Because of that, we are just going to start explaining the process right ahead.

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Look for the three lines icon, it should be located in the top left corner of your phone’s screen if you are using a newer version of the Google Drive application. When you find that option, click on it so you could expand it and get some other options.
  • You are going to see a new left sidebar show up on your screen. Click on your email, it should be the first thing in that sidebar. By clicking on your email, you will see new options on your screen.
  • Look for the Manage accounts option, it Is usually in the last place there. Tap on it lightly.
  • You are going to be taken to the settings of your phone, and you will be able to see multiple accounts that you have on your device. Click on Google.
  • If you have more than one Gmail account that is connected to your phone, find the one that you want to log out of Drive. Click on it so you could open more possibilities and options.
  • Look for the Drive option and click on the button that should be right next to that name. When the button is turned grey, you will know that the sync for Google Drive is turned off.
  • Find the three dots icon in the top right corner of your device’s screen now. And click on it.
  • From there you will be able to remove the account. It is the second option, right under the Sync now option. Click on it and you will have your account removed from your phone and therefore from Google Drive as well of course. If you get a small window shown on your screen asking you to confirm that you want to remove the account, simply click on Yes / Confirm and you are now officially done.

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