How to install the Vivaldi browser on your Windows 10 PC

There are so many browsers today that are completely free, and some are not as popular as others. When it comes to Windows 10, people use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, but there are many other browsers you can try. If you are up for a change, you may try the Vivaldi browser. It has a nice and neat design and plenty of options that you can change and adjust them to your needs and desires. Here, in this article, we are going to show you how to install the Vivaldi browser on your Windows 10 PC.

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How to install Vivaldi browser on your Windows 10 PC

Vivaldi browser can be the perfect one for you, so install it and try it out. If you like how it works, make adjustments in the settings, and make it your default browser. Let’s see how to install it:

  • Open the browser you are currently using and click on the following link to download Vivaldi browser
  • Next, click on Download Vivaldi for Windows
  • The .exe file will be saved on your PC
  • Click on that file to open it
  • Read  End User Licence Agreement, and when you are done, click Accept and Install

Once the browser is installed, you get to make some changes right at the start. You can change the theme, set the browser as default, import bookmarks from other browsers, and more. If you want, make changes right away, or skip this step until you see how the browser works for you. You can make all these changes later.