How to install iOS software update automatically

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There are frequent software updates available for the iOS users. The updates are released after the fixation of the bugs. The software updates are also released after integrating new features and a new interface for the users. At times, the iOS software update download is available with the changes in the apps and features of which users are comfortable with.

The software updates can be downloaded automatically as well as manually under the user observation. When any of the updates are available, the home screen of iPhone displays the prompt. The text has the information about the new update available, as well as the options to either install now, later or details of the update. When there is a popup about the update and one wishes to update it, always be sure of the following requisites.

Requisites for update

  1. Make sure your phone is charged, as the iOS software update is time-consuming.
  2. As soon as the user will click on install now, the software will start the process. Hence, always create a backup of your data either in iCloud or iTunes.
  3. You need to have enough free space on your device.

Now,  take a look on the different options available for the user in relation to the iOS software updates.

Install Now

The user gets the option to install the software update as soon as the ‘Install Now‘ option is selected. It’s a prerequisite to make a backup of your iPhones data either via iCloud or iTunes.


When a user selects the option as ‘Later’, they’ll be prompted with two other options as follows.

Install Tonight

When the user wants to update the iOS software on the same night, the software will notify the estimated time. The dedicated time for the software to get updated is between 2 am to 5 am. In this span of time, the iOS will start to update assuming that the device is connected to the power and a wifi network. Always choose this option if there is an automatic backup update every night on iCloud or you create one manually.

Remind me Later

Once this option is chosen, the iPhone will remind the user every day about the available update. Once the update will appear, the user can either take an instant action to install the update or delay the process.


Selecting this option will provide the user with the information about the available iOS software update. This will include the details about the bugs’ fixed and new interface added for the users.

The available updates regarding the apps installed on the iPhone can be seen in the App Store. If the iPhone software free download is available, then it’ll be distinctly prompted on the home screen. When an iOS software update is available it’s always advisable to install it when the user is in leisure time or install later. Sometimes, while updating the software, various factors can create a disruption. Resulting the text prompted will be iPhone software update failed. The failure could be due to lost Internet connection or a prompt is left unattended for a long time. Though, the download can be refreshed and restarted once again.

When an update is available and your device doesn’t have enough space, then the update can be ceased for the time being. Visit the Settings app and select the Storage. Now click on delete the software update and it’ll be removed till another update is available.

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