How to install Google Play on Kindle fire

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If you recently bought a Kindle Fire tablet on Amazon then you must have noticed that it does not have Google Play.  This, however, does not mean that your Fire tablet cannot support Google Play. In fact, the fire tablet OS is quite similar to Android and operates almost the same way. But how to install Google Play on Kindle Fire?

There are two easy ways to go. You can achieve an installation by either installing Google Play directly from your Fire tablet or if you feel more adventurous you can go about the process by downloading a few APK files. The first option is much easier and works on both Fire 7 and 8 tablets.

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The second method is also easy, the only difference is that it requires more work, and apart from that, there is nothing to worry about. If all steps are properly followed. You will have Google Play running on your Fire tablet in no time.

As a security precaution, your Fire tablet is designed to automatically reject apps downloaded from other sources, because the APK file extensions are from an external source, the first thing to do is to disable the installation security. This can easily be done by accessing Settings, tap Security, and Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

Now we have a green flag to proceed with the installation process;

Step 1: To download the needed APK file extensions, access your Silk browser and download the following files in the order in which they have been listed. Note that these extensions are only for the earlier versions of Fires. If you are using a Fire tablet produced from 2017 and beyond these extensions probably won’t work for you.

Now for the newer Fire versions, that is from 7th Generation to the current you can use the following extension files, which must also be downloaded in the order in which they appear.

As you download these files you should keep in mind that downloading extension files which are not safe can harm your device, always ensure that you search for the most trusted source. If you don’t know your Fire version go to Settings > Device Options, scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap Device Model.

Step 3: Downloading the links is very easy, simply tap on the link you want to download, after clicking the link a Download button will pop up, tap it after which your device will try to warn you not to install apps from an unknown source. But because your APK is from a trusted source, you can proceed by clicking OK.

Step 4: After the downloading all the files they won’t be readily available, to access them go to your device storage. To do this go back to your home tap the Docs icon, go to Local storage, and tap Downloads.

Step 5: This is probably one of the most important steps to note. Ensure that all your extension files are installed in the same order in which they were downloaded. You can know the order by checking the timestamp of each download.

Step 6: After installing all the file extensions, give your device a few seconds to assemble and get everything ready. Once that is done, go back to your Home screen.

Step 7: You will find Google Play automatically added. To use it, simply tap the Google Play app icon and Sign in using your Google Account details. Give the app a few minutes to update, after that you are free to use your new app.

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