How To Improve The iPhone 6S Battery Life

iPhone 6S battery life
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iPhone 6S has created a storm among the iPhone lovers with so many cool and amazing features. The iPhone 6S battery life is one of the issues, like with any other smartphone. So, though this device is packed with the exciting features, great care should be taken in using them to save the iPhone 6S battery life. Here are some useful tips that will help you extend the battery life, and most of them are similar to iPhone 6 battery life tips.

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Tips to improve iPhone 6S battery life


Check the battery usage

Keeping an eye on the battery usage is advised to make sure that there is no such app that is draining a huge amount of battery. It can be checked by going to Settings > Battery and see the list of all the apps and the amount of battery used by them in the last 24 hours. In case any app drains the battery, the best way is to close or delete the app.

Disable the motion enabled wallpaper

The moving and motion enabled wallpaper looks amazing and enhances the appearance of the iPhone. But they eat a great amount of battery. So, when the battery is almost empty, it is suggested to disable those moving and motion enabled wallpapers and set the still images as wallpaper. You can set this by going to Settings and wallpaper.

iPhone 6S battery life
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Reduce the screen brightness

The bright screen helps in reading the text, but if the screen is very bright all the time, it consumes a higher amount of battery. So, enable the auto brightness feature that will manage the brightness according to your needs and thus saves battery. This can be done by going to Settings > Display & Brightness and then enable Auto-Brightness.

Disable background app refresh

There are several apps in the background that keep on refreshing continuously thus waste a great amount of battery. So, disable this feature by going to Settings > General Background App Refresh and then turn off the Background App Refresh Toggle.

Disable the automatic mail fetch feature

If this option is kept on, it will make the use of the Internet and the battery. This feature can be de-activated by going to the Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data. Here, you’ll see the Push option. Disable that by toggling the switch and choose the option ‘Manually for Fetch’.

iPhone 6S battery life
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Disable 4K video

4k video is another interesting feature in iPhone 6S and it drains a huge amount of battery. In a situation when your phone is running low on battery, this feature can be disabled by going to Settings and camera option.

Select auto-lock for minimum time

When the screen remains idle, it gets locked after a few seconds or a minute, depending on what you choose. Less time means more battery life. Enable the auto lock for 30 seconds by going to Settings >General >Auto-Lock and select 30 seconds.

Keep on checking the cell signal

In case you are in an area where the coverage is very poor, it eats more amount of battery. The reason is the phone tries hard to find the signal for which it uses more battery. Switch the iPhone to 3G in order to prevent the LTE radio from using a higher amount of battery. For this, head to Settings > General > Cellular/Mobile > Enable LTE/Enable 4G and then tap on the option ‘Off’.

Switch to low power mode

Switching to the low power mode is one of the very useful iPhone 6 battery life tips. This is possible by going to Settings > Battery and tap on the ‘Low power mode’ toggle. When this option is enabled, it will reduce all the activities, such as mail fetching, automatic downloads, background app refresh to save the battery.

iPhone 6s battery life
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Keep the iPhone Facedown

Facedown detection feature is very useful, and according to this feature when the iPhone is kept face down, the screen will not light up even though you receive any notification. This option can improve the battery life a lot.

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