How To Improve The Battery Life On Windows Phones

No matter which smartphone you have, sooner or later you will start to wonder how you can improve the battery life on your device. It is something that bothers all the smartphone users around the globe, and those who own one of the Windows phones are no exception. The good thing is there are some tips and tricks that can be helpful, and with some settings changes you can really make a difference. Let’s see how to improve the battery life on Windows phones.

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How to improve the battery life on Windows phones


Turn off Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS when not using them

Probably one of the easiest things you can do to make the battery last longer on your Windows phone is to turn off Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS and Bluetooth when not in use. We all have the habit to keep all these things turned on even when we don’t need them, and by disabling them you can rest assured you will notice the change.


Make sure the software is up to date

This is very important. As you probably already know, new software versions are all about fixes, improvements and new features. When it comes to updates for Windows phone, almost every update came with the improvements for the battery. With that in mind, check if there is a new software version available for download. To do that, go to Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates.


Choose dark background

Another thing that can be pretty useful for the battery (perhaps not as much as other options) is the dark background. To choose the dark background, navigate to Settings > Theme > Background and tap Dark.


Lower the brightness level

To lower the brightness level on your Windows phone, do the following: go to Settings, tap brightness, and disable Automatically adjust. When you do that, set the brightness level manually.


Turn off automatic phone updating

If you choose to disable automatic phone updating, don’t worry, because you will still receive the notification when the update is available, but now the update will not be downloaded and installed automatically. To disable this option, go to Settings > System > Phone update and then uncheck the option “Automatically download updates if my data settings allow it.”


Block the apps from running in the background

The apps which are running in the background are one of the worst enemies of your battery. When it comes to Windows phones, you have the option to block the apps from running in the background. You can leave the ones you use the most, but you can block the others you don’t use that much. To do that, go to Settings > Applications > Background Tasks, tap on the app you want and click Block.


Turn on the Battery saver

Battery saver is really useful, and you can turn it on whenever you need it. Go to Settings and tap on Battery Saver and choose one of the options: Always turn on Battery Saver when battery is low (the battery saver will turn on automatically when the battery is on 20%, or select Turn on Battery Saver now until next charge.



These few simple tricks can make your battery last longer, so make sure to try them out.



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