How to improve Note 9 performance

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a high-quality system processor and a high enough RAM. The company made many claims about its fabulous performance when it comes to playing games or using apps that require a top-notch mobile device. If you own a Galaxy Note 9 and are experiencing performance issues, it can be super annoying. Question is: how to improve Note 9 performance? In this article, we are going to look at some of the practical approaches to boosting your smartphone’s performance.

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1 – Do a forced reboot

One of the most common reasons for your Galaxy Note 9 to show a poor performance is software glitches. Some applications running in the background may be causing your device to perform below the required standards.

Resolving this issue can be really quick. Just do a forced reboot. To do that, hold down the volume key and press the power button. Hold down both buttons for about 10 seconds. You will see an enhanced performance within minutes.

2 – Disabling some features

It may sound somewhat annoying, but some of the advanced features that modern smartphones of the modern era come with can be really heavy. These can include customized themes, a fancy clock on the home-screen or lock-screen or Bixby. Talking about Bixby, it is a built-in AI assistant similar to Siri on the iPhone. It is cool, but if you are not a Bixby lover make sure to disable it to get a boost in your smartphone’s performance.

3 – Disable the apps that drain the battery the most

Some of the applications including some high-graphics video games can be very hard on your Note 9. We agree that smartphones are no fun without those fascinating apps and video games. But some of them can really pull down your smartphone causing a major decline in performance.

Either disable those apps temporarily or delete them permanently. See the instant boost you get. Don’t worry, you can always find some great alternatives.

4 – Clear the cache

In Galaxy Note 9, you can easily clear the cache in a few seconds. To do that, just press the volume up, Bixby and Power keys together. You’ll see a new window popping. On this window, click on ‘wipe the cache’ and your phone will get rid of all that nasty cache that was causing the trouble earlier.

As a golden tip, we suggest that you clear the cache regularly. That way your smartphone will work just fine.

5 – Install some performance-boosting apps

Besides all those social apps and games, you can download some great apps for boosting your phone’s performance from the Play Store. Among these apps, CCleaner is a fine option. It clears all the unnecessary junk in the system. Consequently, you will experience an improved speed.

Don’t want to install any new apps? Too dubious about those third-party apps? Don’t worry if you don’t want to do that, you don’t have too. Check the ultimate solution below.

6 – Go for a factory reset

Believe it or not, but doing a factory reset is one of the best solutions that you can use to get out of several issues with your smartphone. Similar to other smartphones, the Galaxy Note 9 also provides you with the option of reverting back to the original settings set by the manufacturer.

Be careful while doing a factory reset. You will lose all your contacts and files on your device. Make sure you create a good backup of all your important data, so you don’t regret later.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to General Management
  • Tap Reset > Factory data reset > Reset
  • Tap Delete All
  • Enter your PIN, pattern, or password if required
  • Tap Confirm.