How To Improve HTC One M9 Battery Life

Today’s Android smartphones are nicely designed and have all kinds of options you can set according to your needs. There is also the Play Store in which you can find many interesting and useful apps. And while all this sounds so perfect, sooner or later every smartphone user will complain about the battery life. If you just purchased HTC One M9, you will definitely enjoy using it because it is built well and it is a powerful smartphone. But (there is always “but”)  at some point you will want to know what you can do in order to improve HTC One M9 battery life. We are going to share a few tricks that you may find useful.

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Ways to improve HTC One M9 battery life


No.1: See which apps are power-hungry ones

One of the main reasons why the battery may drain fast are the power-hungry apps, which will consume a lot of power even when the screen is off because the apps run in the background. So, this is a good place to start. Go to Settings, tap Power and then click on Battery Usage. You will see three tabs there: All Time, Screen off, and Screen On, so you can get a pretty clear picture how the apps behave even when the screen of your device is off.


No.2: Disable bloat apps

When you buy a smartphone, you’ll notice it will come with many bloat apps, and these cannot be uninstalled. However, you can disable such apps because as we mentioned, the apps run in the background and have a huge impact on the battery.  Go to Settings > Tap on Apps and then find the bloat apps you don’t use at all. Click on the app and then tap Disable.


No.3: Uninstall the applications you don’t use

If you installed many third-party apps, the chances are you don’t use them all. So, it is advisable to remove the ones you don’t need or use. To do that, go to Settings and then tap on Apps. See which apps you want to delete, tap on each app and then click on “Uninstall”.


No.4: Make sure the apps you use are up to date

It is essential to have all the apps updated. Go to Play Store, tap on three horizontal lines to open the Menu, and then tap on My apps & games. Tap on Update All.


No.5: Install the latest software

Updating your device is highly beneficial not only because of the new features it may bring, but because it improves the performance of your HTC One M9, its stability, and its battery life. To check if the new software version is available, follow these steps: go to Settings, tap on System update and then tap on Check for new system update. Your device will check if the update is available.


No.6: Use auto-brightness mode

If you don’t control the brightness, you may experience battery drain problems, so what you should do is to make sure that auto-brightness mode is enabled. To do that, just go to Settings tap on Display & Gestures and then tap on Brightness level. The option “Automatic brightness” should be checked.


No.7: Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, and GPS when you don’t need it

It is advisable to turn off Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use because this way you will improve the battery life.


No.8: Use Power Saver Mode

Most Android smartphones come with the Power Saver mode which is really useful because once it is activated it will disable some features on your device, and it will save the energy so your battery life will last longer. Go to Settings, Power > Power saver. If you are out, and if you can’t charge your phone at the moment but you need to extend the battery life, you can use Extreme power saving mode, which is also located in Power settings, so when you want, you can enable it easy, just by moving the switch next to the “Extreme power saving mode” option.



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