How to hide the notch on Honor 8X

If you have been looking for an affordable phone with great features, we have to point out that Honor 8X is an excellent choice. The phone has specs that will deliver smooth performance, and that’s the most important thing when it comes to smartphones. Also, you can change the settings and options to get the most out of your phone. If you don’t like the notch on your Honor 8X, and you want to hide it, there is an option that allows you to do just that. And we are going to show you the steps. Let’s see how to hide the notch on Honor 8X.

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How to hide the notch on Honor 8X

Out of the box, Honor 8X comes with the notch. But, if you fall into the group of users who would rather hide it than having it, you can simply make some changes in settings and the notch will be gone. Here is how to do that:

  • Open the Settings app from the Home screen
  • Next, tap on Display & brightness
  • Now tap on More display settings
  • Next, tap Notch
  • There, you will see the default option, and right below is the “Hide notch” option
  • Just tap on it to hide the notch

As soon as you do that, the surrounding areas will go dark and the notch will be hidden.

That’s it. You have successfully enabled the “Hide notch” option. At some point, you may want to change your mind and go back to the default option. Just follow the same steps and choose “Default”.