How to go live on TikTok

From funny videos to lip-syncing ones, TikTok provides its users with so much to keep their days and nights alive. Going live is one of TikTok’s many features. This is not very new, considering that other social media apps usually allow you to do the same – you can go live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. This article will show you how to go live on TikTok.

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Why should I?

The best way to connect with your fans is to go live. Your fans may enjoy the videos you upload, but once you go live, they get to know you more and see you – the behind-the-scenes kind of thing. You can also entertain them in real-time.

You also get to know the fans that pay attention to the content that you upload a live. If someone can join your live and stay until its end, you should consider them faithful followers.

It can also be a chance for you to earn money on the app. When you are on a live, your viewers can give you donations in the form of what TikTok calls gift points. Then, a certain amount of gift points transforms into cash that you can withdraw.

You should know that

Going live on TikTok is very conditional. In most countries, you need to have at least 1000 followers for the ‘Live’ button to be activated on your app. So, if you have less than that number, you will probably not get any help here.

Some users say that apart from the 1000+ followers, you need to be verified. That is not true.

You shouldn’t worry at all when you only have a handful of followers. Remember that those who got to big numbers started at 1. Grow your followers through great content, and in good time, you will be eligible to create a live.

Going live

When you have cut (1000 + followers), you can use these steps to go live. They will work, whether you are using Android or iOS.

  1. Tap on the TikTok app to open it. If you are logged in, it should open to its home screen, with a video under the ‘For You’ part playing immediately.
  2. Tap on the ‘+’ button.
  3. Then, scroll to your right, and you will see the word ‘Live.’
  4. If this doesn’t work, you should see ‘Video’ and ‘Live’ at the bottom of the screen. To go live, switch to the ‘Live’ tab. It should just be a swipe to the left.
  5. The pre-live screen will appear. You can add any effects before you are okay to go live.
  6. Whenever you are ready, add a title to the show on the text box, which has the following default text – ‘Add a title to your LIVE.’
  7. Tap the ‘Go Live’ button to start your live show. At this moment, you will see your followers entering your show and making comments.
  8. Whenever someone gives you gift points, you will be notified.

Something to note: never forget to thank a follower who has given you gifts ON THE LIVE. It’s essential always to appreciate those who help you make money.

Well, there you have it

While many other things to do on TikTok are complicated, going live isn’t one of them. With at least 1000 followers, it is possible to attract more than 25 of those to any live that you start.

You can use your lives to respond to the many questions that fans ask about you. Enjoy your lives!