How to get Wish free shipping

Wish app is something that more and more people seem to be talking about. At first, many were concerned and had many questions about it. Is the app legit, will the products arrive, and things like that. And we have discussed it before. Yes, the app is legit, but when purchasing products you should be careful. Do not rush into it. Instead, take some time to read the reviews. In addition, take a look at the photos people are sharing to make sure the product you are planning to buy is something you want to spend your money on.

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You know that products come from China, and yes, you can get a variety of items by paying a few dollars only. There are deals and discounts. But, you have to be prepared to wait for the product to arrive. In most cases, it will take two or three weeks. And that’s one of the biggest downsides of Wish. But, if you want to get cheap products, you need to have some patience.

Now, another thing that people want to know is how to get Wish free shipping. Shipping is free for many products, and when the shipping isn’t free, it is usually around $2 or $3.

There are many shipping codes that you can find online, and one of them that can work is the code “3shipping”. Once you find a product you want to purchase, enter the code into a dedicated box and the shipping should be free. If this code doesn’t work, you can look it up on the internet and find other codes that may work.

As mentioned, there are many products with free shipping option, so you may spend some time exploring the offer. And of course, don’t forget to read the reviews!