How to get Shudder free trial

One of the best streaming services out there is the Shudder platform. This platform offers you a list of many popular horror movies. Due to the global pandemic, people tend to find other ways to stay occupied, and watching horror movies is one great way to kill some time. The Shudder platform offers a premium account that will give you access to all the new and the old horror movies. The premium account subscription costs around five dollars a month, which Is really not expensive at all. But, if you are one of those people who just do not want to give out money there is a way of watching and streaming content on Shudder for free. By signing up for a free trial of course. We are going to be showing you a way to watch Shudder’s content for free in this article. So, keep reading it if you want to find out how.

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Steps to getting Shudder free trial

As we have previously mentioned, since we are in a global pandemic, many platforms wanted to reward their users. Shudder rewarded and welcomed new users by giving them a 30 day free trial instead of the ordinary 7-day trial. And you can get that free trial by following these sim[le steps down below.

The first thing that you have to do is to open up the browser on your computer. The Google Chrome browser is preferred but you can basically use any kind of browser that you want. So, once you have opened your browser, search for the Shudder platform and click on the top search result in order to open the Shudder platform’s Home page (if it is easier to you, we will leave you a link here that will redirect you to Shudder platform, just click on it.

Now, once the Home page of the Shudder platform has been opened on your screen, you will need to click on the Signup button. That button should be located in the top right corner of your screen. When the Sign-Up page loads, you should be able to see and find the 7 Day Free Trial button. Simply click on that button.

You are going to be redirected to another page where you should simply fill out all of the blank spaces. Enter your email, new password, date, and everything. And once you reach the Code blank space, you will need to enter this code in order to get the 30-day free trial. The code is SHUTIN. Proceed by clicking on the Sign-Up button at the end of that form and your account will be created. There is a chance that you will have to confirm your email, just do so, and you will be able to start and stream all kinds of content that Shudder offers you.

If, by chance, you have some problems while trying to create a free trial account, head over to the second paragraph of this article.

If you cannot get a Shudder free trial

The 30-day coupon code might be expired at the time when you are reading this. If that is the case, you still have the ability to get the 7-day free trial, which is awesome!

If you cannot make a new account, check your internet connection. It is important to be connected to the nearest Wi-Fi or you will not be able to make a new account.

Reload that browser page and try to make an account once again. Please make sure that you have followed all of the steps correctly if you have not, you probably won’t be able to make a new account.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy all of the movies that Shudder offers you.

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