How to get on the TikTok ‘For You’ page

TikTok has been exciting, outstanding, and electrifying these past few years. And now that everyone is behind bars, it has gained immense attention and lots of popularity.

Of its many features, TikTok has a page or screen called ‘For You.’

The page is what you are open up to once you click the TikTok app. It shows you popular videos and others that are based on your previous viewing. Whatever makes it to the ‘For You’ page is usually trending, engaging, and of good quality.

This article will provide you with ways to get on the TikTok ‘For You’ Page. It may not come immediately, but it sure will.

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The how

You can use the following ways to make it to the page:

  1. Using trending sounds
  2. Using trending effects
  3. Using a good camera
  4. Participating in challenges
  5. Using trending hashtags

The article will look at the five mentioned ways:

Using trending sounds

TikTok provides its users with the ability to add sound to a video – any sound. Whenever you’re recording a video, the ‘Sounds’ button is usually near the top-center area.

You can identify trending sounds on the ‘For You’ page (that is quite obvious). Scroll through the videos in the section, paying attention to the sounds that are being used.

Once you get one that appeals to you, tap the CD button under ‘Share.’

This will open you to the sound’s window, and videos that have been made using it will be displayed.

If you’re ready, tap on the ‘Use this sound’ button. You will be directed to the video recording screen.

Using trending effects

Effects are special TikTok provisions that help TikTok users to enhance how their videos look.

Tap on the ‘+’ button to display the video recording screen. On the bottom-left corner, you will see the ‘Effects’ button. When you tap on it, it opens to the ‘Trending’ tab. The effects displayed are those which have been recently popularized. Choose one and make your video out of it.

Using a good camera

Shooting your TikTok video with a good camera means that you will have something that is quality. Videos like this often make it to the ‘For You’ page because they impress users’ eyes.

Videos shot by iOS phones often make it to the ‘For You’ page more than those shot by Androids since iPhones have great and stable cameras.

This doesn’t mean that you should get an iPhone – there are good Androids too.

Participating in challenges

Challenges are very popular with TikTok. It usually works this way – trendsetters (who are primarily celebrities) create a challenge, and then because they have a significant following, the challenge starts to gain attention.

Pick out any challenge you find on the ‘For You’ page. As you do this, make sure you don’t hurt yourself while attempting crazy challenges (you will find many like these on TikTok).

Using trending hashtags

In TikTok, hashtags (#tags) are labels added to the caption of a video to identify it with a particular thing. For example, a video could be label #mothersday to identify it with the celebrations on that day.

Many of the videos on ‘For You’ usually have a hashtag. Scroll through the videos and identify a hashtag you can add to your video.

Tap on the hashtag. A list of videos that have been labeled with the hashtag will be displayed. If you tap on the record button, your hashtag will be saved, and before you post, it will be shown.


You are on your way to the ‘For You’ Page.