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How to get more space on Google Drive

Are you a student that needs to have all of his assignments and papers in one place? Or are you a businessman that wants to have everything in order, but is lacking some space on his Google Drive? Or you are just a simple man that stores all of his family pictures and videos on his Google Drive and needs some more space for all of the upcoming memories and moments. Well, do not worry, there are several ways in which you are able to get some more space for your files on your Google Drive. We are going to try our best to give you a detailed explanation of different ways how you can get some more space on your Google Drive account.

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Go through your mail

Believe it or not, the attachments you receive or send via Gmail, take up some space on your Google Drive.

  • Go to your Gmail account and scroll through your mail, if you find some emails that have attachments to them, put them in the trash bin. If you do not have the time to go through your mail, type this in the search bar in your Gmail “has:attachment larger:10M”. This is going to show you all of your messages with attachments larger than 10 megabytes. Select and delete the emails that are no longer important to you.
  • Check your spam folder. If there is not any mail that you need in that folder, delete it completely.

When you have done the deleting business and sorting all of your messages out, all that is left to do is to empty your trash bin. If you do not empty it, it will not have any effect, and your Google Drive memory is going to stay the same.

Are you a student?

Students can have free unlimited space on Google Drive. You can get more storage if you are using GSuite account for your education, through your school/college.

Buy more space

If you want to have more space on your Google Drive, and you are willing to give out some money for it, you are able to do it. Google offers Google One, a platform that you get if you upgrade your Google Drive. The cost of the upgrade varies. It can be two dollars a month for a year if you are buying 100GB, or way more if you want to buy a couple of TB. You, of course, pay all of those fees monthly for a year. If you have a subscription to Google One, you are able to share it with five members of your family or friends as well. They, of course, get their own space, on their own accounts, they do not use yours, you just have to link them up with yours and they are going to be all set. You can always share the cost fees with your friends. For example, if you want to buy 2TB of free space, that is 100 dollars a year, and 10 dollars a month (with a discount) you can split and share the price with your friends or family members so all of you can pay equal and give the exact same amount of money.

Clear you Drive space

And of course, if you do not want to pay for some more space on your Drive, you can always go through your documents and delete the ones that you do not use or do not need anymore. So, sit down, and get to work. Sort out all of your documents, delete the unnecessary, and even organize them in some folders if you want to.

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