How to get more likes on TikTok

If you surf through the internet daily, you’ve probably heard about the viral application called TikTok. It’s a generation Z’s way to express themselves through funny content and videos. So are you a TikToker looking for a way to become famous on this viral app and get more likes on your videos? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading so you’d find out about the tips on how to get more likes on your videos.

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Create a catchy name for your profile

Everyone will first notice your username when they see your profile. It should be an attractive, catchy name that’s easy to remember.

Add a profile picture that best describes you

Add something that just screams you. Something eye-catching. Something that best describes you.

Follow the latest trends to make popular videos

Follow the trends that are currently popular on the platform, it would get you more views and therefore more likes. Maybe do a funny dance to some song, make video memes, do challenges. And even better make up your own challenges and tag other people, they may go viral.

Try looking your best in the video

If you know that your will be recording the video that day, go through your closet and pick the best outfit for that video. Maybe do some new makeup looks if you are a girl, or style your hair the other way if you are a guy.

Use popular songs now in your videos

You are probably following new music releases often. So use your knowledge in new music while making a new video! Put some fresh hits in your videos and you will for sure get more likes!

Use hashtags on your videos

Hashtags are really important, like every social media. If you want your videos to go viral, you should always use them in your description. By using them you’d get a new audience and more views, and you guessed it, more likes. Search for the most popular hashtags and use the ones that have the same content as your video.

Follow other users

By following others, there’s a big chance that they’ll follow you back. And you might even get some new friends from all around the world, or find some account whose content you like.

Comment on other people’s posts

Have you ever read someone’s funny or cool comment and visited their profile afterward? I am sure you have. That’s the whole point if you want to gain more followers and likes on your posts. Comment something funny, other people will see it, they will like it and maybe even follow you. It’s easy, right?

Do a collaboration video with other TikTokers

While collaborating with another TikToker, you’d have fun, it’s very much likely that you’d get a friend and you’ll both benefit by promoting each other on your accounts. Why not help each other out? Send a message to some TikToker that you fancy and they might agree on doing a collaboration video with you.

Use all of your social media to promote your posts

This is essential. To gain more views follows and likes you must promote your own videos on other social media. If you have an Instagram profile, don’t hesitate to put your video on your story, or type your TikTok username in your bio. It will be easier for other people to recognize you and eventually visit your profile to see more content.

Be active

If your daily tasks allow you that, be active on TikTok as much as you can. Follow people, like other videos, keep up with the trends, the challenges, the music. And the most important thing of all, post your videos often.

Remember: Don’t be hard on yourself

If you don’t reach your like, view or followers goal, don’t be bummed about it! These things take time. You can’t become famous overnight. Don’t start thinking that you are not good enough. Just work hard, come up with interesting and funny content for your profile and it will for sure happen eventually!