How to get a Discord bot token

If you’ve got your own server on Discord, and you want to manage it with the help of a bot, then you can do so easily. With so many functionalities, Discord lets you to create a bot of your own that gives you the power to do many things. Your bot is an application programmed to perform certain tasks in servers. For example, your bot can greet people, play music, and even perform your administrating tasks when you’re away. Let’s learn how to get a Discord bot token!

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Creating a Discord bot token quickly (Step-by-step)

When you create a bot on Discord, you get a token, shown as a long character string of letters and numbers. Bear in mind that your token has access to bot permissions. This means that you should never share it with anyone.

Step 1: Open this link in your browser. Make sure you’re already logged in before creating a bot.

Step 2: Once you access the Discord Developer Portal, you can see all your bots that you have created before. However, if you’re new to creating a bot, click the “New Application” blue button (located at the top-right corner of your screen) and a prompt will appear.

Step 3: Give your application a nice new name, it could be anything. For example, I have a bot named “Mr. Angry bot” and hit the “create” button once you’re done.

Step 4: You can also give your bot a new Icon as well as a nice description in the General Information tab. Don’t forget to hit the “Save changes” button to update it.

Step 5: Now that we have created a bot, let’s find our token. On your left-hand side panel, click “Bot” (it’s a white little piece of the puzzle) to continue.

Step 6: Click “Add Bot” and a pop-up will appear instructing you to choose wisely, you can click “Yes, do it” to confirm.

Step 7: You’ll now able to see a green heading with a message “A wild bot has appeared!”

Step 8: To get a discord Token, Click on the blue link that says “Click to Reveal Token” (It’s under Build-a-bot tab, beneath your bot username) and then you will see a chain of mixed up letters and numbers, this is your token by the way!

And that’s all! You’ve successfully created your bot as well as generated a token.

Adding your bot to the server on Discord with easy steps

After creating your bot, you may want to invite it to any of your servers on Discord. Let’s go through some easy steps to learn how you can do so.

Step 1: Open Discord web app on your browser. Make sure that you’re logged in.

Step 2: Go to Discord Developer Portal and Click on any of your bots that you wish to add to your server from the “My Applications” tab.

Step 3: In the settings tab, left side of your screen, click “OAuth2” tab to open settings.

Step 4: In the Scopes tab, select the “Bot” checkbox. You’ll see a URL that will appear down there, this is a link that helps you add your bot to your server, but we will click on it after following the last few steps.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom, and you will see “Bot Permissions” tab. You can now choose to select actions that you want your bot to perform.

  • Only select permissions that you want your bot to perform, be careful when selecting administrator permissions as it could pose a threat to your account in case your token gets stolen.

Step 6: Now click on that URL above that was generated in step 4. Hit the “copy” button. Now paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Step 7: Select the server you want to add your bot to, and hit the “continue” button.

Step 8: Confirm your permissions and hit the “Authorize” button. Tap “I’m not robot” checkbox and you’re done!

Finally, you’ve successfully added your bot to your server. You will now be able to see the bot in server chat!