How to forward Outlook to Gmail or any other email address

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If you want to forward Outlook mail to your Gmail address, you are in the right place as we are going to show you the steps to do it. Keep in mind that you can forward Outlook emails to any other email address, not just Gmail. You can set it all in a way that all of the messages are automatically forwarded, but you can also set it in a way that only the emails that match certain norm are forwarder. Now that we cleared that out, let’s see how to forward Outlook to Gmail or any other email address.

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How to forward Outlook to Gmail

To automatically forward all the emails from Outlook to Gmail or some other email address, follow the steps below:

  • Open Outlook on the web
  • Click on the gear icon to acess the Settings
  • Click on View all Outlook settings (located at the bottom)

  • Click on the Mail tab on the left, then click Forwarding

  • Enter the email address you want the messages to be forwarded to
  • To keep the copies of messaeges in Outlook as well, click on Keep a copy of forwarded messages
  • When done, click Save.

How to forward certain Outlook emails to Gmail or another email address

You can foward specific emails only, and here is how you can set it all up:

  • Open the Settings and click on View all Outlook Settings
  • Click on Mail tab
  • Click Rules

  • Next, click on Add new rule
  • First, add a name to your rule
  • Now add a condition. A list will open and you will have to select the condition. When you add one, you can click on Add another condition to add more.
  • Next, click on Add an action and select Forward if you want an messaes to be fowarded as emails or you can select the option Forward as attachment.
  • Enter an email address
  • If you want specific messages to be excluded from the norms you have set, click on Add an exception
  • When done with making changes, click Save.

This is how you can forward Outlook messages to Gmail or any other email address.

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