How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi 1S rapid Battery Drain Issue

Many users of Xiaomi Redmi 1S. have complained about the battery drainage issue and still the complain is coming. But Xiaomi has already declared that this phone is equipped with a high capacity and stable battery after performing so many tests. This fastest battery drainage issue has also created a bad idea in the users’ mind when some are thinking that this is a defective device. But this is not a defect rather there are certain things in the phone that are creating this issue. You can easily fix Xiaomi Redmi 1S rapid battery drain issue just by following some easy tips.

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Ways to fix Xiaomi Redmi 1S rapid battery drain issue

> It is important to know the cause first to fix the battery drainage issue. If you are able to know about the culprit, it becomes easy enough to deal with the problem. To know the culprit that is sucking huge amount of battery, head to settings > battery > battery use and this will show the battery usage by each app, functions, widget and other functions. If any app or function is the main cause, then uninstall it and check if the problem is solved or not. Also you can block the app or else update it with latest update version and then check. In case the problem does not go, it will be better to uninstall the app from your phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S rapid battery drain issue

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> Every Smartphone user can perform multi task which is one of the main reasons of fastest battery drainage. So if you are doing the same and facing the issue, make a habit of clearing the RAM frequently because every app you open in your phone, keep on running unless they are closed manually. If there are many apps running in the background, those eat great amount of battery and you might face this rapid battery drainage issue on Xiaomi Redmi 1S. This is the reason the RAM should be cleared off and on so that all the running apps in the background is closed. This process is very helpful to solve the battery drainage issue as multitasking is the habit of most of the Smartphone users.

> Try to off the Wi-Fi connection when you are not using the internet. Keeping this Wi-Fi on always might be a great reason of rapid battery drainage. So make a habit of turning this option off once you are done. Also you can make use of a Wi-Fi scheduler third party app that will automatically disable the Wi-Fi connection. Disabling this option can save huge amount of battery in your Xiaomi Redmi 1S.


Xiaomi Redmi 1S rapid battery drain issue

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> You can use a third party launcher to see if the problem is solved. There are many in the list such as Google, APUS, APEX and others that can be used in place of MIUI. The MIUI in Xiaomi Redmi 1S is really heavy and use huge RAM for running. The animation, graphics, customization and other similar features consume huge battery. But if you switch to other third party launcher, the battery usage by the mentioned features will be less while your phone will work the same way it was when using MIUI. So when you can save great power while enjoying the same features why not to switch to other third party launcher. Also there might be some faulty theme in your phone that might be the cause of this issue. So if this is the case, recognize it and uninstall the same.

> Sometimes the bug in MIUI can develop this rapid battery drainage issue. So it would be better to update the software with the latest update available. Xiaomi keeps on releasing the update version frequently, so check in the internet and update the software in case any recent version is available.

> Finally you can install a battery saver app in your phone as it will automatically manage the battery usage by closing the running apps in the background, reducing the brightness of the screen and doing other things that might drain great amount of battery.

So these are the ways to fix Xiaomi Redmi 1S rapid battery drain issue. Try to follow them and definitely you will get rid of the issue.