How To Fix Xbox One Mic Can’t Talk Issue (Kinect)

In this article we speak about How To Fix Xbox One Mic Can’t Talk Issue

Xbox One console can be controlled by voice commands using a built-in Kinect microphone. Using voice commands is very convenient: you can pause a game or invite a friend to a chat. But sometimes problems may occur and your mic simply doesn’t work and you can’t talk to your friends or give voice commands anymore. Here, we will give tips on how to fix your Xbox One mic.

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How To Fix Xbox One Mic Can’t Talk Issue

How To Fix Xbox

Before trying to fix the Xbox One Mic Can’t Talk Issue, first check the following:

– Make sure that all the household appliances, speakers, fans, or the presence of a large number of people talking do not prevent your microphone for registering your voice properly.
– Make sure that it is connected and turned on.
– Configure your sensor to operate in a mode of instant access.

Methods To Fix Xbox One Mic Can’t Talk Issue


1. Restart the system

– Turn off and turn on the console.
– Wait for the operating system to fully reboot.
– Try your microphone, if it works, then no other measures are needed.

2. Calibrate the microphone

If the reboot didn’t help then a recalibration of the microphone might be needed. The procedure itself is not as difficult as it may seem, so you can easily do it yourself. Before you begin the procedure, do the following:

– Make sure that the speakers are turned on and the volume is high enough.
– The room should be as quiet as possible.

To calibrate the microphone, follow these steps: (Fix Xbox One Mic Can’t Talk Issue)

– Press the Menu button on your controller, go to Settings, and then select “Kinect”.
– Select “Kinect can’t hear me”.
– Check the sound levels displayed on the screen, select “Start sound check”.

During this sound check the sensor checks the background noise levels. If the background noise levels are low enough, the system will automatically proceed to the next step. If the background noise levels are too high, you have to minimize the background noise, and then redo the sound check.

– The sensor will reproduce some tones to determine the location of the speakers. During the microphone calibration, the system displays a particular screen. It may take a few seconds.
– Make sure that the screen is displayed, indicating the proper sound settings.

3. 8AC8000C error

This means that the microphone doesn’t register incoming sounds.

Select “More Information”, and then “Retry”. Click Retry to re-check the microphone.