How To Fix Screen Won’t Rotate On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

We have discussed a few Samsung Galaxy Note 4 issues, such as GPS not working, problems with Wi-Fi, “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped working” error message, and a few others. All these problems are pretty common, and usually, you can fix them on your own without too much effort because the solutions are pretty much simple. What do to if screen won’t rotate on Samsung Galaxy Note 4? This is not as common as the other issues I’ve mentioned, but still, some people did complain that auto-rotate feature is not working. We have prepared a few potential solutions you can try before contacting Samsung, your retailer or carrier.

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Potential solutions for screen won’t rotate on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 problem


Dial #0*#

The first thing you should do is test the sensor. To do that, just dial #0*# and a hidden service menu will show up on the screen. Select Sensor to see if there are any issues with it.

Note: Some people who use Verizon network reported that hidden service menu didn’t show up after they dialed these numbers.


Wipe you cache partition and reinsert the battery

This is what helped many owners to solve screen won’ rotate on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 issue. First, you will have to wipe your cache partition and then to pull the battery out and put it back in. Follow the steps below:

  • Turn your device off, press and hold the Power button, Home button and Volume Key all at the same time.
  • Once the device vibrates, release the Power button and the Home Button, but keep holding the Volume Up key until the recovery menu shows up.
  • When you see the recovery menu, use the Volume Down key to navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and select it using the Power button.
  • When this is completed, press Power and choose Reboot system now.
  • After the reboot, turn your smartphone off
  • Now, remove its battery and put it back after a few seconds
  • Turn the device back on


Factory reset

If dialing #0*# and wiping the cache partition didn’t fix the problem, the thing you can do is a factory reset. In most cases, this is the solution we always list at the end because it is the most complex one. Factory reset will wipe off everything you have on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, including your personal settings, applications you have installed, your files, etc. so before you begin the process, make sure to backup everything that’s important to you. Now, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Backup and reset
  • Click on Factory Reset > Reset device


In case you tried the solutions we have listed here, but you still have the same problem, make sure to contact your retailer or carrier for additional assistance.



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