How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ That Is Not Downloading MMS

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ allows you to download WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Therefore, you can attach pictures or videos to your text messages. However, some people find that using a conventional app like MMS is more comfortable. You can easily send and receive images, videos, music, and more. When you get multimedia, sometimes you need to tap on it to download. But it doesn’t always work. How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ that is not downloading MMS? Keep reading to find out.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ That Is Not Downloading MMS

Free Up Storage

Check the storage of your phone. Go to Settings > Device maintenance or Device care > Storage. If there is only a little free space left, it can be the reason why your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ is not downloading MMS. Try to delete old messages, especially the ones with multimedia files on them.

Toggle Mobile Data And WiFi

Some users find this simple trick to fix their Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ that is not downloading MMS.

1. Go to Settings and choose Connections
2. Find WiFi option and turn it off

3. While you are on the Connections page, find Data usage and tap it
4. Find Mobile data and turn it off
5. Leave your phone in this state for a minute
6. Turn on both WiFi and Mobile data
7. Restart the device.

Disable “Auto-retrieve”

With the Auto-retrieve on, the phone will automatically download pictures every time you get MMS. Check if this feature is enabled or not. Then try to turn it off.

1. Open the Messages app on your phone
2. Tap More (three dots icon) on the upper-right screen
3. Select Settings from the drop-down menu
4. Tap the More settings option
5. Choose Multimedia messages
6. Find the Auto retrieve option and turn it off

Now, go back to your Messages app and download MMS on your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ manually.

Turn Off Data Saver

Enabling the Data saver feature can help you manage the data of your phone. But, it can also be responsible for your MMS issues. Turning off the Data saver may solve Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ that is not downloading MMS.

1. Open Settings and tap Data saver
2. Tap Data saver
3. Tap the switch button to turn it off.

Verify APN

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ will automatically configure the APN settings once you insert the SIM card into its tray. But, you can also check or set it up manually.

1. Go to the Apps screen and tap Settings
2. Tap Connections
3. Select Mobile networks
4. Tap Access Point Names
5. Tap your operator

You can call your carrier to get the APN details or check it on their website. If the issue persists, remove your SIM card and change to a different provider. See if you still get the same problem.

Reset Network Settings

Some settings may cause Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ that is not downloading MMS issues. It should be related to WiFi or Mobile data settings. Since there are a bunch of settings on the phone, checking them one by one will take forever. Therefore, resetting network settings is the way to go. It will restore all the settings related to the network (Bluetooth, mobile data, etc.) back to factory defaults at once. This method won’t delete any of your data. So, it is safe.

1. Unlock your phone and swipe up on the empty space on your Home screen to access the Apps screen.
2. Find the Settings icon and tap it
3. Choose the General manager
4. Tap Reset
5. Select Reset Network Settings
6. Tap Reset Settings
7. Enter your PIN if necessary, then tap Reset Settings to confirm