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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Facebook App Keeps Freezing

We can all agree that Samsung smartphones are awesome. They have a classy design, they are powerful and fun to use because of so many interesting features. Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which was released in October 2014 is no exception. It has a 5.7-inch screen, 32 GB internal memory, 3 GB RAM, powerful camera, and so much more. Using all kinds of apps from the ones designed for productivity to those designed for fun is nothing but pleasure. Many of us have a Facebook app on the phone, but what to do if the app keeps on freezing? Those who own Note 4 reported this problem, and there are a few simple things you can do to solve it. You can read the guide below that will show you how to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Facebook app keeps freezing.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Facebook app keeps freezing

Solution No.1: Clear Facebook’s cache and data

After using your phone for a while and all kinds of apps you have installed including Facebook, the app will accumulate lots of cache which will cause the freezing problem. Follow these steps: go to Settings > Application manager, and click on All tab. Find the Facebook app, click on it and then clear cache and clear data.

Solution No.2: Update the app

Perhaps the issue has appeared because the app is not up to date. Go to Google Play Store, open the list of the apps you have installed and see if Facebook should be updated.

Solution No.3: Reinstall the app

In case the Facebook is not one of the preinstalled apps on your phone, it means you can reinstall it. You will have to delete the app, go to Google Play Store and download it. As mentioned, this is not an option if the app was preinstalled because such apps cannot be deleted.

Solution No.4: Clear system cache on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

When experiencing issues such as this one, you can try clearing system cache because it may solve the problem. Many who wondered how to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Facebook app keeps freezing were finally able to get rid of the annoying bug this way. Follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Now at the same time press and hold Power, Home and Volume Up Buttons
  • Keep holding the buttons until the device vibrates and when that happens release Power and Home buttons
  • You need to keep holding the Volume button and release it when you see the recovery menu on the screen
  • Use Volume Down key to select Wipe Cache Partition and select it by using the Power button
  • When this is done press the Power button and choose the option Reboot system now


Factory reset

If the above-mentioned solutions didn’t fix the problem with a Facebook app you can perform a factory reset. Keep in mind that factory reset means that all the apps, files, and your personal settings will be wiped so before you proceed, make sure to backup everything that is important.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap on Backup & Reset
  • Select Factory data reset > Reset Device > Erase Everything.


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