How To Fix Safety Assistance Feature Missing On Galaxy S4

Samsung has brought many useful and incredible features with releasing every new Smartphone in the market. All those are very helpful and work to save the human lives. Safety assistance feature is one such trait of the Galaxy series that was introduced with the inception of Samsung Galaxy S4. And since then the other next galaxy series also got this same feature. This feature aids to save the human life when they are in danger or need help of the relatives and friends. When this feature is activated the user need to press some button and photos taken of the users by the rear camera and front camera both along with an emergency message will be sent to the set contacts. The message contains every detail about the location and other details of the users so that relatives and friends can take the required action to save your life.

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But some Samsung Galaxy S4 users have been heard to complain that they do not have this feature in their Galaxy S4. Here is a guide that will help you to fix safety assistance feature missing on galaxy s4. First you need to find out whether this feature is present or not at your phone. If not then you need to download other app from Google play store to fix safety assistance feature missing on galaxy s4. Some of the applications that can duplicate this safety assistance functionality are:

Emergency contact

Emergency SMS

Emergency button.

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Way To Fix Safety Assistance Feature Missing On Galaxy S4

> First go to the home screen of your phone.

> Now open the notification panel by performing a dragging gesture from the notification panel to the lower part of the phone’s screen.

> In the notification panel you will notice a gear icon at the upper right portion. This gear icon is the settings tab. Tap on it and it will bring four options to you.

Fix Safety Assistance Feature Missing On Galaxy S4

> Now click on the option ‘My Device’ to see all the options available under this.

> Scroll down here till you see the ‘Safety assistance feature’ under my device. Tap on it.

> Beside the safety assistance feature there will be a toggle switch which is OFF by default. Tap on the switch to turn it ON.

> You will notice the description, limitations and abilities of safety assistance feature in that page. Scroll down further to find out three check boxes. Read carefully all the information given and tick the check box to go ahead with the process.

> Next click on ‘OK’ and the safety assistance switch will be turned ON.

> At the bottom of the same page there are three options available: Edit emergency message, message interval and emergency contacts. You can customize the emergency message by clicking on the ‘Edit emergency message’ option. Message interval let you fix the interval in which you want the message to be sent to the contacts. And emergency contacts are those who you want to be contacted at the emergency period.

Fix Safety Assistance Feature Missing On Galaxy S4

When everything is done, you have then successfully activated the emergency mode on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and now go back to the home screen to use the phone like before.


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