How to fix No Service error on iPhone 11 Pro

If you always wanted to have a stylish phone with fantastic specs then you made a perfect choice with iPhone 11 Pro. People often think that expensive phones with great features always work flawlessly, but even though a phone is great, you may experience some glitch or error when using it. If you noticed No service on your iPhone, it means you can’t place calls or send texts. Here, we are going to show you a few simple methods that will help you get rid of it. Without further ado, let’s see how to fix No service error on iPhone 11 Pro.

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How to fix No service error on iPhone 11 Pro

Solution 1: Toggle Cellular data

While No service may seem like something that will be complicated to fix, in most cases the simplest solutions work like a charm. The best place to start is by toggling Cellular data. To do that, navigate to Settings, tap Cellular, tap Cellular data. Toggle the switch and you’ll turn the feature off. Wait for a couple of seconds then toggle the switch again.

Solution 2: Toggle Airplane mode

Toggling the Airplane mode can also do the trick. Go to Settings > Airplane mode. Enable the feature and leave it on for a minute or so. Turn it back off.

Solution 3: Carrier settings update

When talking update updates, we are usually focused on software updates only. However, you should occasionally take a look if there are carrier settings updates available as well. These can fix no service error. Go to Settings > General > About. If there is an update, you’ll have to tap Download.

Solution 4: Restart your device

Sometimes, a phone may get a little crazy sort to speak. You may experience error messages, slow performance, or issues with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Many times, the same solution works for all of the issues. That solution is a restart. Turn your phone off and leave it for a minute or two. Turn it back on.

Solution 5: SIM card

A SIM card may cause the issue. It might be damaged, or not properly placed. Get the SIM card eject tool you’ve got with your phone and remove the SIM card. See if the card is damaged. If it is, contact your carrier and get a new SIM card.

Solution 6: Software update

We always point out how important software updates are and we always suggest our readers install updates. Go to Settings > General > Software update. If there is a new iOS version, you’ll see an option Download and install. Tap on it.

Solution 7: Reset network settings

When experiencing network issues of any kind, restoring the network settings to factory defaults may fix the problem. To reset network settings:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Next, tap Reset
  • Tap Reset network settings
  • You’ll have to enter your passcode
  • Tap Reset network settings.

Solution 8: Reset all settings

Unlike the previous option that restores only network settings to factory defaults, this one will reset all settings. To reset all settings, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Now tap Reset
  • Tap Reset all settings
  • Enter your passcode
  • Tap Reset all settings to confirm.

If none of the things we have listed above didn’t fix the issue, contact your carrier or visit one of the Apple stores nearby.


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