How to fix Moto G7 battery life issues

One of the main problems for smartphone users is when they notice the phone’s battery is draining faster than usual. While we may say it is quite normal for every smartphone out there (Moto G7 included), we must mention that the way you use your phone determines how long the battery will last. If you are a power user, you will experience such issues. In this article, we are going to show you how to fix Moto G7 battery life issues. With these simple things, you can make the battery last longer and you won’t have to charge it as often as you do now.

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How to fix Moto G7 battery life issues

Restart your phone

Before doing anything else, think about the last time you restarted your phone. While you use a few apps daily, you have to be aware that many apps and processes are running in the background. All of them have an enormous impact on battery life. By restarting your phone every once in a while, you will close them all. So, press and hold the Power button and tap Restart.

Consider removing the power-hungry apps

Some apps consume a lot of power and you should consider removing them. To see which apps are the power-hungry ones, go to Settings > Battery.

Remove the apps you no longer use

If you have some apps you don’t use any longer, you should remove them. Even without usage, they can be a burden to your phone and its battery. So, go through the apps and see what should stay and what should go. On the Home screen, press and hold the app’s icon and tap Uninstall.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile data

It’s hard to imagine the day without these services, right? But, all of these have an impact on the battery. No one says don’t use them, but we can say that you should turn them off when you don’t need them. Small changes can make a huge difference.

Display settings

The next thing that can be a game-changer is also pretty simple. You should either reduce brightness or set the Auto option. Also, you should reduce the screen timeout. To do so, navigate to Settings > Display and adjust the options.

Disable Moto Display

If you think you are the only one experiencing battery life issues on Moto G7, you’re not. Many other users faced the same thing. Some of them noticed improvements when they disabled Moto Display. Here is how to do just that:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to Apps & Notifications
  • Tap See All
  • Tap Moto Display and tap Disable.

Make use of Battery saver

This isn’t something that will fix the battery drain but may help you when you need some extra juice. It will restrict some services and options and the battery will last longer. Here is how to enable it:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Battery
  • Tap Battery Saver

Factory reset

If you think your phone needs a sort of fresh start, maybe you should go for a factory reset. As you probably know already, it will delete all the things on your phone. Also, all the settings will be turned back to factory defaults.

Just to point out – create a backup first and then move to the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap System
  • Tap Reset options
  • Next, tap Erase all data
  • Tap Reset phone.

The phone will reboot. When the process is completed, set up your phone as a new one.


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