How to fix LG G8 Overheating issues

Phones are likely to overheat if they are subjected to too much stress and none is spared when it comes to this not even the LG G8. In fact, it is the one that is likely to be affected due to its heavy hardware component. LG G8 is a Snapdragon phone so it has one of the fastest processors. The processors transfer data throughout your phone at a very high speed and this may generate too much heat. Heat is bad for any electronic device so if the heat is too high it may cause some serious internal damage to your phone.

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How to fix LG G8 overheating issues

Avoid Overcharging

Charging your phone for a longer period than it is required can be harmful to the phone and the battery. Leaving your phone to charge overnight is not a good idea. This is because the phone may charge and exceed the required charging limit and this may make your phone heat up. Overcharging your phone may also damage your battery. Faulty batteries are likely to heat up even when you are not charging and as a result, your phone will also eventually heat up.

Turn OFF Wireless Connections

This may include turning off Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. These wireless connections are known to be power-hungry. They require high amounts of energy to properly function so your battery is forced to release the needed energy very fast.

If a battery loses charge very fast it is likely to heat up and when this happens the processors in your phone also heat up. To avoid this ensure that connections such as GPS are only enabled when they are in use.

Keep an eye on the games

Games are the greatest culprits responsible for heating up your phone. When you play games for a long period of time the internal components of your phone are put under stress. The processors in your phone are likely to heat up because the electrical current is passing through them very fast. This may lead to exhaustion of some of your internal hardware components.

With its OLED display playing games on LG G8 can be an extraordinary experience and can turn out to be very addictive but it won’t help if you play the games for very long periods of time. Play for a period, not more than 2 hours.

Install Junk Cleaner

When your phone accumulates too much junk it may have trouble running some applications. This will put the entire system under stress and will eventually heat up. To avoid this you can install junk cleaning apps such as Clean Master from Google Play. The app is free and it can help you optimize your device and stop it from heating up.

Keep your Phone away from direct Sunlight

Avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight as this can also cause it to heat up. Sunlight can also lower the quality of your screen. Always ensure you don’t put your phone in places that directly expose it to sunlight.

Update Apps

Your phone may also heat up as a result of using apps that are outdated. This will cause problems to the entire system because some of the apps may require a lot of energy from the battery. If this happens the battery and the entire system will heat up causing serious damages to your phone. Always ensure that you install the latest updates for your device to run smoothly without heating up.

Restart Phone

As always, a simple restart will do the trick. Your device may be heating up due to some software malfunction. Restarting your phone can help you solve these simple malfunctions. To restart your phone long-press the Power button and tap “Restart”.